L Bravo Viewtiful Photo Essay Template

The INFINITE members showed their love and support on Twitter for L's upcoming photo essay, 'BRAVO VIEWTIFUL'.

Sunggyu wrote a series of tweets, writing, "L, I love you", "I'll be supporting L-god's photo essay from here, always", and "Kim Myung Soo, I love you."

Dongwoo posted a selca of himself and wrote, "Kim Myung Soo-L photographer, I congratulate you. Is it finally time for your masterpieces to be born! Are you curious of L-photographer's view of the world!? If you're curious... Our hidden selves may be in there, too ~.~ I'm really looking forward to it".

Woohyun shared a photo L had took and wrote, "Please show a lot of love to Kim Myung-L photographer ♥ When did you take a picture of me.. This is surprising... You're a professional......".

Hoya also wrote, "Kim Myung-L!!! kekeke. The record of 93 days! Why didn't you fill up 100 day~ keke. Fighting ^-^". Sungyeol tweeted, "Kim Myung Su-L. L's bravo beautiful life kekekekekekekekeke Send me a photo essay with your signature on it~ Kim Myung Soo-L Kim Myung Soo-L Kim Myung Soo-L Kim Myung Soo-L". MaknaeSungjong added on, "Kim Myung Soo-L photographer~♥_♥!!! I'm proud of you, hyung~>__<♡ Please show a lot of support to our Myung Soo hyung~@-@".

Looks like even the INFINITE members can't wait to see the photobook!

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Eng Trans script : L's comment Video 

English Trans : MyungSoo's comment vid

Hello, everyone in Japan! I’m INFINITE, L! (←His Japanese is so great^^)

My first photo essay, 『L’s Bravo Viewtiful』 will be released on May 15th(Wed) in Korea and Japan.
Please support a lot!

I put my ordinary scenes, things which come to my eyes and things which I feel in this book
like a diary.
I’ll be happy if u have a look at 『L’s Bravo Viewtiful』.

I’d like everyone to look at this book sometimes and feel warmer.

We’ll release INFINITE 1st Album in Japan on June 5th(Wed) as well.
So please love both of INFINITE and 『L’s Bravo Viewtiful』a lot^^

Then, let’s meet in Japan! Give me your big love ♡

Comment Vid ↓(cr: PIAchanel)


All Original Eng Trans by @MineMyngsL
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【L's Bravo Viewtiful】- SignEvent : Date was confirmed!! 

【L's Bravo Viewtiful】- SignEvent :
Dates were confirmed!!

「L’s Bravo Viewtiful Japanese ver.」
about release anniversary Fan Sign Event

「Those who preordered this photo essay via PiaBookShop(piabook.com)
or famima.com(http://www.famima.com/shop/c/cinfinite/) can apply for this event.」

L ~「L’s Bravo Viewtiful」Jp ver. Release Anniversary Fan Sign Event~

Date:June 1st(Sat) +2nd(Sun), 2013
Place:Somewhere in Tokyo(not confirmed yet)
Number of invitation:400ppl by lottery (200ppl via each piaBookShop +famima.com)
Time:not confirmed yet

【Event lottery Schedule】
May 24th(Fri): application(postcard) deadline (No later)
May 25th(Sat): send the invitation to winners.
June 1st(Sat) + 2nd(Sun) :Fan Sign Event

※ Only those who preordered purchase via PiaBookShop(piabook.com)
or famima.com(http://www.famima.com/shop/c/cinfinite/) can apply for this event.

※Please check how to apply through the application postcard which will be enclosed
in the photo essay you have purchased. Please make sure to bring the invitation
postcard and the photo essay to the Fan Sign Event.

※ Only winner will get the winning notification. We can’t answer the questions about
the lottery, invitation sending, and venue.

*all info – via http://community.pia.jp/hanryu/2013/04/mag-l.html


All Original Eng Trans by @MineMyngsL

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L's Bravo Viewtiful Japanese ver. - Introduction - 

-summary- http://infinite1st.jp/

This is the record of 93 days from September 28th, 2012, with L who had been
interested in the camera since before his debut at the age of 18, and he had taken
photos of his daily activities as he wrote a diary. And also, this is the first book
for L and as a member of INFINITE. 
The title “Viewtiful” is the coined by multiplying "Viewfinder" of the
camera and "Beautiful".
Each day, of this photo diary, which was put in this book will show you how he and
his members were, days in Japan, places where he visited to take photos, and the
things he took in his photo casually.
Short sentences or handwriting illustrations are attached on the 「picture」which he
cut out with his sensibility.
The each page is totally a great art work. From all pages, we can feel his young
twenty-year-old lush sensibility. This book is made to let you feel the warmth of
his human skin gradually. Although it’s not been told clearly, you must recognize that
L feels “Life is Beautiful” from daily every little things as the title of this book.

(via: ⇒ L's Bravo Viewtiful Japanese ver. )


All Original Eng Trans by @MineMyngsL
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