Essay On Necessity Is The Mother Of All Inventions

Necessity is the mother of Invention

Meaning: The meaning of the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” is that when we stand in dire need of a thing, we can never rest satisfied until we get it. We strain every nerve to have it, as if some inward force were compelling us to act. Most of the great and good things of the world are the products of divine discontent in the mind of man.

When a man feels the pinch of hunger, it cannot be said that his want is trifling; it is then a pressing want, for unless it is satisfied, he will die or starvation.

When human wants becomes necessity, it impel a man to action. It is to remove want that he works. This want may be of various degrees. It may be trivial or it may be pressing.

All the articles we use in our daily life are the products of man’s endeavor to get what becomes a necessity for him. Human need makes an article a necessity. Even luxuries have been invented to remove some sort of want, want of ease and comfort. Without the want of money no one would strive to be rich and without feeling the bitterness of cold, no one would exert himself to make clothes for covering the body.

Necessity makes us bold, hardy and adventurous. The present greatness of Great Britain is primarily due to this fact. Britain, being an island cut off from the rest of Europe, has to depend even for foodstuff on other countries. So, the Britishers are compelled to go abroad. They would have remained confined within their own land, had they found their country self-sufficient. It is Britain’s wants that had sent her sons all over the world, and the result was that they had established supremacy over a large portion of the globe.

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Necessity compels us to get into activity: Instances showing how people have, out of dire necessity, invented things are not rare. Greenland is covered with perpetual snow, and at no time of the year does the snow melt away or disappear completely. No wood or other material is available there for the construction of a house; but still the people there have built houses with solid masses of snow and live comfortably in them. It is the dire necessity of protecting themselves against the intense cold outside that has led them to build houses with ice.

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It has been rightly said that necessity is the mother of inventions. Most of the inventions and discoveries owe their successful operation to necessity. Unless there is want we cannot struggle to attain the goal. The history of human progress in all walks of life is the history of man's endeavour to reach new goals.

When man felt hungry, he started hunting and till land. The need for shelter lead the man to built huts and houses. The need for quick travel resulted in the invention of the fastest means of transport, making the world short. At the time of necessity, the human mind, which is creative and imaginative, thinks in a very quick manner.

In this age of science where a race is going on, deadly weapons are being manufactured due to necessity. The fear of the enemy has forced the power-hungry countries to invent such destructive weapons of death.

The proverbial crow's necessity of water forced it to find out the way to quench its thirst. In the political life it is again the necessity which leads us to think of new forms of government-whether Socialistic or otherwise in pattern.

As new needs arise, fresh methods are devised to meet them New plans are hatched to find solutions to different problems. Necessity makes us bold, zealous and eager enough to fulfil our needs. Necessity is a blessing in disguise.

What is impossible in the world? Man can achieve anything he wants provided he puts in hard labour and sincere efforts. Where there is a will there is a way. Constant efforts do bear fruit. Where there is any necessity, there is some invention, some research, in order to fulfil that necessity. All our inventions and discoveries are the direct result of our pressing needs.


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