Essay On Harmful Effects Of Tobacco

Harmful Effects Of Smoking Essay

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Every year thousands of people die because of lung cancer or other tobacco related

illnesses. Everyone in the world comes in contact with smoke from a cigarette at least

once in their lifetime, whether it is at a restaurant or at work. Millions of people are

addicted to smoking, and thousands more become addicted every year. Cigarettes and

other tobacco products are everywhere. Most of the addicted smokers started when they

were young (Roberts 18). The reason why people get addicted to any type of tobacco

product is because all tobacco products have nicotine in them, which is the addictive

ingredient (American Thoracic Society 22). Every time a person smokes a cigarette or

chews tobacco, that person ingests nicotine. I believe…show more content…

The statistics on the number of people that die

each year in the United States from tobacco or tobacco-related illness is astonishing. Over

four hundred thousand people die each year from smoking (American Thoracic Society

19). Also, a person age twenty-five that is a heavy smoker has a life expectancy that is

twenty-five percent less than a person that does not smoke (American Thoracic Society

19). more For something that is not a hazard to people’s health, they sure do account for

a lot of deaths that occur each year.

I do not see how my opponent can contend that secondhand smoke is not a heath

hazard to the rest of the community. Secondhand smoke affects everyone because it goes

into the air. We (nonsmokers) can not protect ourselves from other people’s cigarette

smoke (Garrision 44). Everyone breaths, therefore, if you are sitting next to someone that

smokes, you are probably getting a some smoke in your lungs. This happens because

when smoke goes into the air, it disappears into the oxygen. As you breath in oxygen, you

also breath in a minimal amount of the cigarette smoke. In 1986, a surgeon general’s

report was released that stated smoke from tobacco products can cause cancer in healthy

non-smoking adults (Garrision 45). It has been proven that secondhand smoke can cause

lung cancer and other tobacco-related illnesses in people that do not smoke (Garrision 45).

Yet the tobacco companies continue to deny that the smoke

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Harmful Effects Of Tobacco And Nicotine

Tobacco is an agricultural plant that has more than 70 species. It is grown all over the world and is widely known for nicotine which is the addictive ingredient it contains. Tobacco can be processed, dried, rolled, and smoked as cigars, cigarettes, and chewing and shisha tobacco, the forms of tobacco are shown in Figure 1. Additionally, after being processed, it can also be used in making some pesticides and medications. Tobacco, in all its forms, has many harmful side effects that harm many body organs including the lungs and heart. When talking about cigarettes specifically, which is the main use of tobacco worldwide, tobacco is the greatest cause of preventable death in the United States and all over the world, and in cigarettes, nicotine is the main ingredient. People have come up lately with various substitutions to cigarettes, after realizing their harm; however, none of which have proven to be less dire since there is only one solution for these harmful effects that many fail to acknowledge. Tobacco, even after being closely related to addiction, teenagers, cancer, and harming others, is one of the most dangerous crops ever planted.
Addictiveness of tobacco:
Although many claim the opposite, smoking tobacco has been proved scientifically to be addictive. Addiction is when a person is physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance and is unable to stop taking it without incurring unpleasant effects. Once the body tastes nicotine, the addictive chemical found in cigarettes, it craves for more. Nicotine creates a pleasurable feeling that appeals to the smoker. However, since nicotine is the only addictive drug in tobacco, if extracted from tobacco then tobacco won't be addictive. Each cigarette contains 10 milligrams of nicotine drug, but a person only inhales 1 to 2 milligrams of that nicotine, which is still enough to cause addiction. The effects of nicotine start to diminish within a few minutes after it reaches the brain, which causes the smoker to go for another cigarette. Because of nicotine, it is very hard to quit smoking. Smokers are physically & emotionally dependent on it, so without it their body and brain cannot function well. Terri Guillements, a quotation anthologist, perfectly illustrated the addictiveness of tobacco when she said:” To some, the cigarette is a portable therapist.” If the smoker doesn't light up when he/she needs a cigarette, negative symptoms begin to occur and it starts to get worse over time. It has been researched that only 4% to 7% of people who want to quit completely succeed in doing so . In other words, addiction forces people to continue smoking even though they know that it is a dire habit that can cost their lives.
Effects of Nicotine:
Nicotine, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most addictive drugs ever known. Being a stimulant, it affects the body once it enters the blood stream. Some of its side effects are that, it speeds up the nervous system, makes the heart beat faster,...

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