Dissertation Topics On Procurement Methods

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Research topics in procurement management are normally based on interconnected topics. Hence, research topics in procurement and supply chain management offer great scope and variety to students aiming to write up a paper in the discipline. The following are a few suggested project topics in procurement and supply chain management management. Please also do refer to the posts on logistics management and supply chain management for further ideas.

A list of research topics in procurement and supply chain management:

Though it took me some time to find some good examples of research topics in procurement management, but finally it's available for students who either pursuing an undergraduate degree or looking for research topics in procurement management for masters.

How do strategic procurement policies ensure pharmacies never run out of essential, life-saving drugs- primary investigation of Boots Pharmaceuticals.

An analysis of procurement cost management in the lean organizations in developed regions- implications for emerging economies.

A systematic approach to green and sustainable procurement practices in manufacturing concerns in the UK.

The green supply chain model- implications for critical stakeholders in the procurement and supply chain system.

A critical investigation of the relationship between real-time supply chains and balanced ecosystems .

Using Big Data to track procurement needs and improve supply chain management- analysis and commentary.

How are stakeholders engaged in the UK restaurant sector to implement responsible procurement and logistics ethics- a primary study.

Who controls the supply chain? An essay on the scope and magnitude of power between the different stakeholders and impact on the supply chain system.

How do electronic goods manufacturers in the UK engage in green supply chain practices- analysis of procurement policies.

An analysis of the financial feasibility of environmentally friendly procurement and logistics policies in the UK.

How does current literature place the value and efficacy of humanitarian supply chains within practical procurement and logistics practices? Answers from global practices.

Procurement and logistics in agribusinesses in the UK- investigation and analysis.

A comparative primary study on supply chain management practices between family and non-family small businesses in the UK.

Sustainable green procurement practices in supply chain management of minerals- a systematic review of literature.

Risk evaluation procedures in supply chains and implications for transport logistics in the UK.

Supply chain performance in knowledge-innovation environments- review of literature.

Procurement management of specialized projects in commercial construction- answers from the UK.

The importance of suppliers for procurement management of residential units in mega housing projects in emerging economies- a literature review.

A primary study on the practical implementation practices of green sustainable procurement strategies in UK based construction projects.

A critical essay on green procurement practices in high end fashion retail outlets in the UK.

Public procurement practices and protocols- similarities and differences with private procurement models.

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Procurement is the process in which a government body or organization provides goods or services by way of an independent contractor who specializes in the area. There are vast topics to cover in procurement, making the subject ideal for dissertation topics. Here are some great ideas to work with:

  • Should procurement awards consider vendors equally?
  • Some awards are specifically designed with the intention of providing a large amount of goods and services for a large number of people. But this means that the awards don’t really apply to smaller vendors. Should the awards be broken up to level the playing field.

  • Should procurement awards be transparent or is this just a waste?
  • Some people believe that there exists plenty of wasted funds in procurement awards. Because of this there have been great efforts made to make awards more transparent. Opponents of this say that the process of being transparent is in and of itself a waste.

  • What are the most effective ways to win awards?
  • Since governments began awarding procurement contracts to private vendors there have been countless approaches to win awards. Are some more effective than others? And if there are then why don’t more vendors follow these methods?

  • What penalties should exist in procurement malpractice?
  • If an awardee is found to have provided an award without going through the proper channels or making it fair for competitors, should they be held responsible with more strict penalties? Who suffers the most from these malpractices? The people or the vendors who lost contracts?

  • Are there alternative forms to providing services to people?
  • Is procurement the most efficient way of providing goods and services to people or are there alternative approaches that should be explored? Who will suffer the most if services are provided directly rather than through a government entity?

  • Should procurement awards be centralized?
  • If procurements were centralized then it stands to reason there would be less red tape and awards would be handled more efficiently. However, there is also a concern that a centralized system opens up itself to malpractice. What can be said in support or in disapproval of such a system?

  • Should procurement awards be more diversified?
  • Some countries openly set aside awards for various sub-sections of their community, often for minorities or socio-economically challenged groups. But some will say that this favoritism is a reverse form of promoting diversity since it keeps out many vendors who don’t fall into those categories.

  • How do societies lose out with poorly written awards?
  • Awards can sometimes be extremely complicated and as a result ineffective in providing the goods and services it promises. This usually leads to a modified award or a new award altogether, thus costing taxpayers more money. How loses the most in these cases?

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