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Counseling Personal Statement

I believe all students need and deserve a solid educational foundation as well as a dependable support system within the school to grow into responsible, successful adults. As a school counselor I use the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Model to ensure I am creating a holistic program that reaches all students’ academic, career, and social/emotional needs. I also work to empower all students to challenge themselves to meet their fullest potential and maximize their success.

It is of great importance to me to involve parents, families, staff, students, and community members in the school counseling program so that we, as an educational community, can work together to engage all students in the learning process. I provide resources in my office, online, and via emails. I also provide assessments of the programs run to ensure the school counseling program is successful in meeting the needs of the school community. 

I am committed to upholding the highest ethical and legal standards, as well as participating in professional development to keep up-to-date with the best practices in the field of school counseling. I hold myself, as well as my students, to high standards of learning. I have committed myself to having a life of continued learning.         

My commitment to the educational system is also evident in my past and current vocational experiences. I am currently an elementary school counselor at a minority-majority, high needs, Title I school. This is my 3rd year at my current school. I also worked as a middle school counselor for 1 year following graduate school. In graduate school I worked with students in elementary, middle, and high school through my internship and graduate assistantship. My work through my JMU assistantship gave me extensive experience working with students who are underrepresented or come from diverse backgrounds. Prior to joining the school counseling field, I had a six year career as a preschool teacher.

There are many female school counselors in this world. Here are two that inspire us.

Laura Choate

Laura Choate, Ed.D., LPC-S has 15 years of experience as a counselor educator at Louisiana State University. She has 16 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Choate is the author of four books: Girls and Women’s Wellness: Contemporary Counseling Issues and Interventions (2008, American Counseling Association), Eating Disorders and Obesity: A Counselor’s Guide to Prevention and Treatment (edited; 2013, American Counseling Association), Adolescent Girls in Distress: A Guide to Mental Health Treatment and Prevention (2013, Springer Publications), and Swimming Upstream: Parenting Girls for Resilience in a Toxic Culture (release date November, 2015, Oxford University Press).

Choate has 40 publications in journals and in books, most of which have been related to girls’ and women’s wellness. She served as guest editor in the Journal of Counseling and Development and was awarded the 2013 Best Practices Award by the American Counseling Association for her work in the area of eating disorders treatment.

In addition, she is a former editor of the Journal of College Counseling. She was the chair of the ACA Publications Committee twice.

Choate was appointed to serve on the Louisiana Licensed Professional Counselors Board of Examiners twice, and is the current Board Chair and the Chair of the Discipline Committee that is responsible for all to the ethical violation charges filed against LPCs in the state of Louisiana.

Choate is also the past recipient of the American College Counseling Association Research Award, the LSU Phi Kappa Phi Non-tenured Faculty Award for Humanities and Social Sciences, and the 2014 College of Human Sciences and Education Distinguished Research Award.

Dr. Carolyn Stone

Dr. Carolyn Stone has worked in education for forty years.

After working as a teacher for 13 years, Stone transitioned to student services as a school counselor and school psychologist in several elementary and high schools. 

Stone also served as a regional guidance coordinator for the Florida Department of Education and Supervisor of Guidance for Duval County Public Schools in the 1990s. 

She started as an Associate Professor at UNF in 1995 and was later promoted to Assistant Professor and to her current position of Professor of Counselor Education.

In 1998, under Stone's leadership, UNF was one of 6 universities out of over 100 applicants to receive the DeWitt Wallace-Reader’s Digest Transforming School Counseling Grant. 

Upon receipt of this grant, UNF's school counseling program was reconfigured and the School Counselors: Supporters of Academic Rigor (SOAR) Program was born; in April 2012, SOAR will graduate its 12th cohort of transformed school counselors.

Which school counselors inspire you? Let us know! And if we can help you succeed in your career through our services, don’t forget to mention it! We’d love to support you.

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