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“Yeah, I get it; you're a vampire," she said. "Creepy. And okay, a little hot, I admit."
"You don't mean that."
"Come on. I still like you, you know, even if you... crave plasma."
Michael blinked and looked at her as if he had never seen her before.
"You what?"
"Like. You." Eve enunciated slowly, as if Michael might not know the words. "Idiot. I always have. What, you didn't know?" Eve sounded cool and grown-up about it, but Claire saw the hectic color in her cheeks, under the makeup.
"How clueless are you? Does it come with the fangs?"
"I guess I... I just thought... Hell. I just didn't think... You're kind of intimidating, you know."
"I'm intimidating? Me? I run like a rabbit from trouble, mostly," Eve said.
"It's all show and makeup. You're the one who's intimidating. I mean, come on. All that talent, and you look... Well, you know how you look."
" How do I look?" He sounded fascinated now, and he'd actually moved a little closer to Eve on the couch.
She laughed. "Oh come on. You're a total model-babe."
"You're kidding."
"You don't think you are?"
He shook his head.
"Then you're kind of an idiot, Glass. Smart, but and idiot." Eve crossed her arms.
“So? What exactly do you think about me, except that I’m intimidating?”

“I think you’re…you’re…ah, interesting?” Michael was amazingly bad at this, Claire thought, but then he saved it by looking away and continuing. “I think you’re beautiful. And really, really strange.”

Eve smiled and looked down, and that looked like a real blush, under the rice powder. “Thanks for that, “ she said, “I never thought you knew I existed, or if you did, that you thought I was anything but Shane’s bratty freak friend.”
“Well, to be fair, you are Shane’s bratty freak friend.”
“You can be bratty and beautiful,” Michael said. “I think it’s interesting.”
― Rachel Caine, Ghost Town


Teachers play a key role in the education and also student’s life.

A person with proper vision, experience, and an education degree can enter the teaching profession.

Teaching job is a great responsibility than a  mere job.

It has an impact on the growth and well-being of the nation.

The teacher today is quite diverse than past and has a wide role in almost every occupation.

In many cases of a successful student, there seems to be a good teacher. The relation in between seems to be very harmonious with complete dedication and affection from the teacher towards the student. This phenomenon had never been the other way.

For an inspiration in being a teacher go through these 1200 quotes for teachers. You can also gift the item to your teacher.

Role of Teachers in Education

Education is necessary for politicians, businessmen, artists, farmers, religious groups, students etc. for their respective career growth.

Some of the great teachers were the cause of political and industrial revolutions around the world. Their vision helped various societies to gain self-sufficiency and financial freedom.

Some of them helped in the spread of knowledge and establishment of good educational institutes.

Education is vast and it has grown to a large extent in last century. Many fields in science, commerce, arts have come up and the area of study is very large. So considering these developments a

1.Teacher has to imbibe the education of his subject to a complete extent possible to deliver when needed.

2.He has to write books, articles, conduct seminars etc. to publicize the knowledge needed to the society.

3. The education system has to be designed and taught so that the learners can do some sort of service to society after attaining it.

4. The knowledge  has to be imparted to pupil within short time period, in a most understandable way using effective teaching strategies like academic software.

5. He should avoid creating confusion or misrepresenting of education to students and society.

6. Due to many courses available for study, there is also good level of confusion among parents and students to select the courses of study in terms of job prospects and career aspirations. So he should guide in such a way it i beneficial to the student on the long run without just thinking of monetary gains to the school or education institute.

6. An ideal teacher has to set himself or herself as role models for upcoming teachers.

If you are new to teaching then through this guide on how to be an effective teacher.

Role of ateacher in students life

Teacher plays an important role after parents in molding the students. Students are to be handled with affection and courtesy. The students point of view must always be considered once before he apply his opinion on them.

1. An ideal teacher should be impartial, disciplined, not affected by respect, insult and at all times be courteous.

2. The teaching should be done from the  level (knowledge) of learner. Then gradually upgrade to higher level and not the reverse so as to leave them empty minded.

3. Teaching should also be done by reference to standard textbooks for each topic on the subject. This helps student get complete and reliable information.

More over students should be encouraged to refer the standard books. This will help them gain more information and also enhance their comprehension and reading ability. Further they can score well in the exams due to more detailed information.

4. In the classroom he should provide proper encouragement for pupils. The child must feel free to approach with any questions or doubts to discuss the issues.

5. Also he should encourage them to take notes in the class. This helps them improve their writing skills, understand better and  stay attentive in class.

 See advantages of note taking.

6. Teacher has to use effective teaching strategies like chalkboard, videos, pictures, animations to impart the knowledge in an easy manner.

7. Teacher has to let the students understand the aspects of career growth, scholarships available, future prospects in a particular field etc. Further he must make them aware of better universities and colleges around for higher education. Many students do not know better options for future studies.

8. When a student have some problems in behavior or thought process. Then the teacher’s role is to help student overcome the problem by showing special affection and attention on the student.

10. Teacher can solve many of the problems of the student in respect to his thoughts, behavior, career etc. The phrase that

The relationship between a teacher and student should be like a fish and water but not like a fish and fisherman.

is to be considered once by any teacher.

Give respect and take respect is the phrase for society… But in a student and teacher’s relation… It Becomes

Give affection & attention and take respect and regards  from student.

Role of teachers in schools

At school, a teacher is like a parent to the student. He must try to see if the students are fine, healthy and active. He has to encourage students to take up extra curricular activities besides studies and also welfare programs with the support of his colleagues.

Students generally keep a watch on teacher’s life. So, a teacher has to maintain a good set of manners and try to be a role model. This not only helps students adopt it but also improves their regard to the teacher.

In case, parents of any students wish to meet them, the teacher must be ready to listen and cooperate with them.

Teachers should encourage student welfare program, sports, tutoring etc. Even education trips are to be included in the school life of the children.

It is common that children try to imitate their teachers out of inspiration from them. Hence, the teacher should try to balance his mindset by not showing fear, anxiety, over excitement etc. He must maintain his coolness and be of composed mind.

This implies that one should play the role of a teacher with dedication, honesty, affection, and patience.

As a final word, the career of teaching should not be taken up just for a job but instead for self-satisfaction and social development.
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