Climate Change Personal Opinion Essay

Essay on Global Warming and Climate Change

Here we have written some essays over the climate change and its connection to the global warming. All the written essays are very simple and easy in order to help students. Our written essays proves some questions like background of issue, effect of climate change over people’s lives and relation of climate change to global warming.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 1 (100 words)

The whole climate of the world is changing regularly because of the increasing global warming by the natural means and human activities. All the changes have an enormous impact on the people’s lives and ecosystems. The average global temperature has been raised by 1 degree in the last 30 years. It has been reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that average global temperature can be raised by 2 to 8.6 degrees F by 2100. The rate in increasing global temperature is because of the increasing emissions of heat-trapping gases called green house gases in the atmosphere.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 2 (150 words)

Climate change on the earth is partially takes place by the natural cycles of Earth however currently human activities are still major source of climate change. Increasing level of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide brings more heat to the earth as they have ability to absorb and emit heat in the atmosphere and thus keep earth warm. Some of the dangerous human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, technological inventions, etc are adding more toxic greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. All the greenhouse gases make temperature of earth to increase at higher rate which is not in the favour of life of human beings, animal and plants.

A huge level of climate change disturbs the balance of the global ecosystem as well as increases health risks and more heat-related injuries and deaths. Rising sea levels is a also an example of climate change due to the global warming which in turn causes flood, drought, promotes danger of malaria and other parasites.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 3 (200 words)

There are many reasons of climate change including natural cycles of earth however the major contributors of the climate change is global warming. Many human activities and technological development in the world are forcing the greenhouse gases to increase and getting collected to the atmosphere which in turn makes the earth surrounding hot and warm by increasing the temperature of the environment in fast and easy way. Other climate change like rise sea level causes flood which gives rise to malaria and other parasites, increasing coastal erosion, destroying people’s homes in coastal states and so many.

Higher temperature causes problems to the existence of life on this planet even many important species of the plants and animals have been endangered. Longer and severe heat waves of the environment cause more heat-related injuries and higher atmospheric temperature increase rate of water evaporation from smaller water bodies. The ever rising temperature has different effects in different regions like in some areas it raise water levels and in some areas it decrease water levels. Freshwater availability is declining all over the world which is a vital resource of life on this planet. In such a hot environment, it is very hard to grow some crops like corn production may reduced by 10 to 30% if the temperature rises by 3.6 degree Fahrenheit.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 4 (250 words)

Climatic changes have become more prominent now because of the global warming which is a global concern. Both are hot issues of the current time and it is the time to analyse causes and prevention methods to prevent the global warming. The release of various green house gases in the atmosphere by many natural means and human activities causes increase in atmospheric temperature because such gases have capability to absorb all the heat of environment from sun, burning coal, etc. Such gases never let sun rays to go back to the atmosphere however trap heat from them.

Increase in atmospheric temperature causes many climate changes like increase in sea level, flood, drought, weather changes, increase summer season, decrease winter season, melting glaciers, increase death rate, increase number of disease, declining ozone layer and other so many climate changes. Fossil fuels burning release more carbon dioxide which is increasing day by day because of deforestation. Plants are the main source to utilize carbon dioxide as a food however we are disturbing the natural cycle by cutting more plants.

Burning coal, oil and natural gases are the main cause of global warming. CO2 gas acts as a blanket which retains environmental heat and warms the earth’s surface. The level of carbon dioxide has become increased to a great level in last century. The earth surface has become successively warmer than ever in the last three decades. Each month is becoming warmer than ever which we can feel very clearly. This increasing heat affecting the lives of human beings, plants and animals even many species have been endangered.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 5 (300 words)

There are many reasons behind climate change, some are natural and some are human activities. Climate change is not area or region specific, it s changing all through the world. Climate change occurs when atmospheric temperatures increase a lot which in turn causes many different changes to the earth such as more floods, intense rain, droughts, increase in rate of more frequent and severe heat waves, increase level of oceans, melting glaciers, warming oceans, sea water becoming more acidic, and so many. All these changes may become more frequent in the future decades and hugely challenge the society and environment.

In the few past centuries, human activities have increased the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide including other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Most of the green house gases come from burning fossil fuels which work as blanket around the earth and trap all the energy and heat available in the atmosphere and thus warm the earth surface. This effect is called as the greenhouse effect which triggers climate to change to the huge level and result in dangerous effects to the lives and ecosystems. Such a warmer climate affects the availability of natural water supplies, crop production, agriculture, natural environment, safety, security, etc. Such huge climate changes are unavoidable however cannot be stopped at once.

Global warming has really affected and forced the climate to change over the last century throughout the world. Unusual increase in the earth’s average temperature is because of the high amount of greenhouse gases release due to burning fossil fuels and other human activities. Some of the green house gases having more influence on the climate are CO2, water vapour, dinitrogen-oxide, and methane. According to the research, it has been recorded that almost 30 percent of the heat by incoming sunlight gets reflected back to the space through clouds and ice but because of global warming ice are melting. It means there are no left sources to send heat back to the space and all are getting collected in the earth atmosphere and affecting the climate.


Global Warming and Climate Change Essay 6 (400 words)

A huge level climate change in the current time attracts the people’s attention very easily. Every one of us is feeling very clearly from the short-term changes in the seasonal patterns of temperature, drought, rainfall without season, changing weather patterns, etc to the long-term changes affecting the entire earth. Climate is a long-term weather trend affecting human lives positively or negatively. Climate change is the long term variations in the weather patterns. Climate itself adjusts time to time however going at wrong path since many years because of regular loss of huge ice sheets. Earlier the earth atmosphere was covered with ice sheets which were able to make the earth atmosphere cool by preventing earth from heat and sending back extra heat out of the space from the earth.

Climate has changed from cooler to warmer over the last two million years in the cyclical manner. Sun is the ultimate source of heat energy which fuelling the weather systems after reaching to the earth. Earlier the harsh and extended bitter cold season was called as the little ice age which was due to the huge level variations in the solar activity. It is found that the positive human activities may play major roles in shaping earth’s climate. Such a huge variations in the climate may lead to the danger of the human lives. Earlier it was believed that shifts in the climate pattern from ice age to warmer periods was because of time however later it was imagined that it is due to regular melting of ice sheets of more than a kilometre in thickness. Our climate is getting warm rapidly by the rate of approximately 8°C over the course of 10 years.

A huge industrial revolution in the modern time has largely impacted the global climate system by increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Heat trapping nature of the green house gases contributes to the global warming. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the increase in earth’s average surface temperature by 20th century has been approximately 0.6°C. It has also been recorded in the northern hemisphere over the last century that there is decrease in snow cover by 10 percent, decrease in spring and summer sea-ice by 10-15 percent, increases in rainfall and its intensity, huge level change in shifts of ice freezes and breaks up in the rivers and lakes.


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