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Crimzf404 in Wallingford, Connecticut said: Hello,

I was applying, tonight, and I noticed that my pdf resume was not showing up. So, I hit the back button to re-upload my resume as a word file, and continued on with the application. Once I finished the application, I noticed that the pdf file was still uploaded, and my resume was sent completely blank. Is there any way to contact Delta about this situation? Thanks!

Never mind- I just re-read the directions on the first page of the application, and it looks like that one silly mistake just cost me this wonderful opportunity. Looks like I should have started the application, over.

So, READ THE DIRECTIONS, CAREFULLY, and make sure you check that your resume is uploaded, correctly!!!!!!!

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Flight Attendant
Delta Air Lines Inc
  • Maintain passenger safety on board U.S.
  • commercial aircraft vessels per Federal Aviation Administration Regulations Annual proficiency achievement of 90% or greater in U.S.
  • mandated Continuing Qualification Training Utilize situational awareness and conflict resolution resources in hostile environments Assist passengers with luggage stowage and seating assignments Provide passengers with complimentary snacks and beverages; meals and sales products; and all other requested service needs Make appropriate passenger address announcements from Delta's Announcement Handbook with clear and precise communication Maintain adequate communication with Pilots, Agents, Operations, and Crew Members during briefings and all incidents that warranted clarity P.S.S./Material Handler.
FedEx Express
  • Pull outbound orders Check and verify inventory quantities in system Watch unit of measure, expiration dates, lot numbers, product rotation and damaged merchandise Comprehend basic warehouse layout of bin and items; including over-stock and secondary bin location Interact with Inventory Control Specialist daily to ensure accurate inventory Understand Hazardous Material, shipping requirements and the associated regulations Observe Safety Regulations, understanding of OSHA requirements and proper lifting techniques.
Flight Attendant
Delta Connection by Mesaba Airlines
  • Maintain F.A.A.
  • Annual Recurrent Training of 95% or greater in Passenger Safety, Service, and knowledge of Company Policies and Procedures Conduct daily cash audits; ensuring all product sold was properly documented and accounted for maintaining company budget Assure the number of adults and infants onboard are equal to passenger manifest sheet Brief exit row passengers of door operation, after concluding by verbal response of their willingness to assist in the event of an emergency Follow Captains and First Officers directives of service flow during adverse weather and all other safety warnings Ensure company standards were achieved by providing passengers with the highest level of customer service on each flight.
05/2000Byhalia High School
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