Lacquered Glass Pattern Texture Assignment

Standard Textured / Patterned Glass

Distinctive Choices, Wide Appeal

Guardian textured / patterned glass offers distinctive choices that add visual interest to any design. Our unique patterns create a subtle shifting of light for the perfect combination of enhanced beauty and variability in light control. Differing levels of opacity can create confidential spaces for offices, hospitals, residences and other settings.


Patterned glass is created by pressing a distinct pattern into semi-molten glass, allowing for a multitude of interior design possibilities by incorporating the use of various patterns, opacities, and color laminates. Patterned glass offers beauty, privacy, and visibility and is ideal for doors, escalators, shower enclosures, furniture, elevators, case goods, staircases and railings, displays and fixtures and office spaces.


With our options at your fingertips, you can find a standard glass texture for virtually every application and aesthetic, from traditional to modern. Perfect as a primary element or when used to highlight other design features, standard textures are available in a wide range of options and at an exceptional value.


Combine standard textures with other InGlass products to add beauty and performance for shower protection, sound control, privacy, light control, scratch resistance, and safety or security.


Types of Guardian Textured / Patterned Glass

Our standard textured / patterned glass options are as follows:

  • Bubble Textured Glass
  • Dew Textured Glass
  • Glue Chip Textured Glass
  • Niagara Textured Glass
  • Spraylite Textured Glass


In addition to our standard textures, decorative options for patterned glass include Berman Glass editions created by renowned glass artist Joel Berman, now exclusively manufactured and distributed by Guardian. Featured patterned glass includes aquí – Spanish for “here” (resembles falling rain) and ima (Japanese for “now”), which combines the lines of contemporary architecture and nature.

  • aquí Berman Glass editions
  • esto Berman Glass editions
  • être Berman Glass editions


These innovative glass products by Guardian InGlass offer a diverse range of glass solutions that accommodate both modern and traditional applications and simultaneously addresses the issues of privacy and visibility through the use of unique patterns which create a subtle shifting in light for the perfect combination of variability in light control and hazed visibility for enhanced privacy.


Here are some recent InGlass projects utilizing patterned glass:


With Guardian’s performance-driven technology, our patterned glass is durable, easily maintained, and capable of numerous design capabilities that you won’t find in ordinary glass.

Acid-etched Patterns

Walker Textures® Nuance Standard Patterned Acid-Etched Glass Products

There are many possibilities with standard patterned acid-etched glass from the Walker Textures® Nuance line. This product line consists of ten different designs. When combined with the choice of substrates and thicknesses, the possibilities become endless. Some of the standard patterns are etched on both sides, which adds depth to the glass. Depending on the products selected, we can obtain different and unique elements of design, dimensional effects and levels of light transmission.

The stock product line of acid-etched patterns is available in ten distinctive designs with the 100, 300 and 500 series. The 100 series is an acid-etched finish which combines Velour and Satin creating a true sense of privacy while maintaining a design element to the glass. The 300 series is our Satin finish on clear glass giving greater visibility to the decor through the glass. Finally, the 500 series offers our Velour finish on clear glass, on both sides of the glass. All of these series feature a relief effect which adds character to the glass surface.

Patterned Acid-Etched Glass Advantages

  • Consistent finish and appearance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Unique designs
  • Significantly reduce glare
  • Light diffusion
  • Added depth
  • Greater measure of privacy

Glass - Velour on Satin


Glass - Satin on Clear

  • Pattern 302

Glass - Velour on Clear – Both sides

  • Pattern 511

  • Pattern 512


Patterned Acid-etched Glass Specifications

  • Substrates: Glass, on one or two sides
  • Colors: Clear, bronze, grey, black, blue or ultra-clear *
  • Glass thicknesses: 3 mm to 19 mm **
  • Size available: Standard 96" x 130"


  • Series 100 – Velour finish on Satin finish
  • Series 300 – Satin finish on clear glass
  • Series 500 – Velour finish on clear glass on both sides

Selected skus available in less than 4,000 pound quantities

* Tempering of ultra-clear glass is recommended to correct slight color variances caused by the Walker Textures® Nuance manufacturing process.
** Subject to glass availability.

Want to create your pattern?
Custom Walker Textures® Nuance is there for you!
Suddenly, your drawing board is a large sheet of glass.

Visit our Design Center to marry patterns with interior or exterior applications


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