Dna Replication Transcription And Translation Homework Sheet

DNA replication, transcription, translation

Nitrogen base that pairs with guanine.
in RNA, a three-base "word" that codes for one amino acid
group of three bases on a tRNA molecule that are complementary to an mRNA codon
type of RNA molecule that transfers amino acids to ribosomes during protein synthesis
DNA acts as a template for the synthesis of RNA
enzyme used in DNA transcription
enzyme that makes the covalent bonds between the nucleotides of new DNA strands
The base that pairs with Cytosine in DNA
makes up the sides of the DNA ladder with deoxyribose
Nitrogen base that pairs with adenine in RNA.
basic building blocks of protein molecules
type of RNA that makes up the major part of ribosomes
The base that pairs Adenine in DNA
accuracy and repair enzyme
Enzyme that fixes DNA mutations
The base that pairs with Thymine in DNA and Uracil in RNA
two strands of nucleotides wound about each other; structure of DNA
RNA that copies the coded message from DNA in the nucleus and carries the message into the cytoplasm
decoding of a mRNA message into a protein chain
copying process by which a cell duplicates its DNA

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