Animal Rights Essay Thesis Statements

Topic: Animal Testing

Thesis Statement: Although animal testing brings more medical advancement and less human-based experiments, it is an expensive way of researching imprecise outputs and at the same time, it is a practice of animal cruelty.


I.                    Introduction

A.      Thesis Statement

B.      Definition

C.      Background/ History

II.                  Body

A.      Statistics

B.      Cases

C.      Positive effects

1.      it helps in learning the precise effects of things in living organisms

2.      it ensures the safety of drugs and other substance

3.      it helps in the advancement in medical field

4.      it lessens human-based experiments

D.     Negative effects

1.      it can be expensive

2.      its results may vary

3.      it is against animal rights

4.      it leads to death of animals

E.      Refutation

III.                Conclusion

A.      Alternatives

B.      Realizations and viewpoints

Research Proposal: Animal Rights

[Name of the Institute]

Research Proposal

Thesis statement

Animal rights were granted to animals to set limitations due to human behavior, and people who abuse or disregard the well being of animals should be held accountable.

Research Methodology

Descriptive research should be conducted for the issue at hand, as it will identify the problems associated with animal rights, determines the implications of the issue in the local and natural environment. Through the review of the secondary data, we have identified that the basic problem that results in the suppression of animal rights. To further understand the issue, we will conduct a primary data analysis. Primary data are normally obtained through either observation or communication. In this case, communication would be most relevant because it includes questioning the respondents and we will have a chance to assess their preferences about the indentified issues of animal rights. This will include conducting surveys and interviews, which may be personal or in a group. Personal or in-depth interviews are conducted to analyze the customer insights about their preferences, behavior and decisions they have made, on the other hand, group interviews or focus groups are conducted to discuss and assess the problem in a whole. The most relevant tool for primary data collection is developing a questionnaire.

Research question

What is the basis to granting rights to animals?

Identification of the Problems


As the main problem frame, injustice would be transformational, asking Americans to "reconceptualize" the accepted practices of animal agriculture, fishing, and meat-eating as unacceptable practices on the basis that they are, in most cases, unjust, exploitative, and unsustainable.

Cruelty and suffering

The cruelty frame could be "reconceptualized" as a subcategory of injustice, widening the scope of cruelty to mean suffering not only pain but also suffering the injustice of being enslaved and used (Pivetti, 2005).

Rational of the Study

Animals ...

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