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Hi, I'm in college and I worry too much to the point that I wake up at night because my heart is bounding too fast!! I don't sleep much and I worry so much about my grades :( I see other students having fun and are really enjoying college life you know? I want to get good grades and graduate and have a good job and finish my masters degree and the key for that is my grades, I want to do that while I'm having fun, I don't want to hate my dream when I reach it because it made so sick like that.

hi there!! I know what it feels like to stress about everything. my heart pounds when I’m anxious too. I’ve found that breathing exercises really help, and avoiding caffeine might be beneficial to you! I know what it’s like to be sleepless because of my overthinking and it sucked but I’ve mostly managed to get it under control. I like to use a diffuser for aromatherapy while I’m winding down for bed - it really helps! Essential oils for calming have really helped me - my favourites are Lavender, Juniper and Cedarwood for before bed. While I have that running I usually try to avoid my devices and spend some time (at least half an hour) reading a book and purposely not letting myself think about my studies. Escapism through music or books is excellent for before bed. Try to focus on that. The oils start to kick in and I eventually get sleepy. You should give it a try! (Essential oils aren’t cheap but they last a long time and are a good investment but diffusers are relatively cheap on Amazon!)

About worrying about your grades - I won’t tell you to stop, because I know that’s impossible. I’m the same way. I worry about everything. I think the key to ‘managing’ anxiety around grades is being organised and having a good work/life balance. You definitely can have good grades and still have a social life or have fun! It took me a while to learn that myself. For my entire first year and a half I was a bit of a recluse - I was so focused on my studies because  needed at least a 3.5 GPA to transfer into my dream degree that I let everything else fall away. I lost touch with my friends, and it was lonely, but I’ve managed to un-learn that behaviour and I’ve got a good balance now. The biggest change for me has been being more organised - e.g. planning out every month, week, day and incorporating all my studies, but also allocating time each week to my friends and family. It also helps to have friends who are equally as dedicated to their studies - so you can bond about that, but also hang out and have fun knowing that they have a deep understanding of what you care about too. You kind of become each other’s escape from that, but also support each other in those aspects of your life. It sounds weird, but that’s kind of what I’ve worked out is best for me.

Back to planning: Laying all your college commitments out so you can SEE your week on paper really helps!!! My planner is my bible! The thing is though - once you’ve done that you have to have a bit of self-discipline. I start everyday writing out my tasks in my planner, and then kind of scheduling what I have to do around my classes or other familial commitments (e.g. babysitting) and then I use the Forest app, to keep myself focused and on task until everything I need to do is done. I let myself have study breaks for sure (never skip breaks!!) but I don’t let myself really go out and have fun (e.g. go out to a movie with friends) until I’ve done what work I need to do and I know that it won’t have any negative implications on my grades. Motivation isn’t always realistic and discipline is hard, but so, so necessary. You might find that giving yourself ‘rewards’ for tasks you accomplish works (I’ll often reward myself with a cup of tea and a chapter or two of a book or even an episode of a tv show) and helps you maintain balance. I can only tell you what works for me, because I’m not you - but taking some time to experiment with your methods will help you figure out how you work best, and how to keep yourself sane. But please don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re human, you deserve the fun. Keep it balanced.

I hope this helps a little! I’ve struggled very similarly in the past, but I know it can get better. I’m rooting for you. Good luck!!! 💗

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