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Circle Homework 15.8

You will likely have found that the predictions did not agree well, at times even being contradictory. Most of these so-called predictions were also likely just advice and not a prediction at all. Any predictions that were made were likely so vague as to have any interpretation to make them appear accurate in retrospect.

Here is one example of a horoscope for Virgo on Tuesday, May 30th:
(Aug. 23 -Sept. 22)
Tackling major household projects could be your main area of focus today as things have been put off for as long as you, or the spouse. are willing to put up with. even though you are as industrious as the busiest beaver don't forget to take some time out to rest during the heat of the day.

Well that was not true at all since I didn't spend much of that day at home, and the last bit is just advice not a prediction.

Here's another for 05/30/2000:
Actions speak louder than words, so get busy. Don't wait for approval--go ahead even if the light's red.

Hmmm, I don't even know what that's supposed to mean. Certainly didn't apply to anything I did that day.

Here's one last horoscope from the New York Post for 5/30/2000:
VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sept. 23): Some think your ambitions are too lofty. Some think you are aiming too high. But according to the planets, you have what it takes to reach the top and stay there. Don't listen to those who counsel caution, because caution never got anyone anywhere. Take a few risks - they will pay off.

That pretty much can apply to anyone doing anything. It's basically just advice. Not really a prediction.

Question 26351: A regular octagon is inscribed in a circle of radius 15.8 cm. Find the perimeter of the octagon.
What is the angle of elevation of the sun when a 35-ft mast casts a 20-ft sha

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Sketch the octagon in the circle. It has eight equal sides.
Join the end points of one of the sides to the center of the
circle to form a triangle.
If you did this for each side you would have eight equal
angles at the center sharing 360 Degree.
One of those center angles is 360/8=45 degrees
Therefore the other two angles of the triangle you drew
share 180-45 =135 degrees. Each of them is 135/2=67.5 degrees.
the radii of the circle are 15.8 cm.
Use the Law of Sines to get the following:
15.8/sin 67.5 = x/sin45 where "x" is the length of one side of the octagon.
Using your calculator: x= 11.87
Multiply that by "8" to get the perimeter of the octagon.
2nd problem:
Draw the picture. Then use inverse tangent (35/30) to find the angle
of elevation of the sun.
stan H.

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