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Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

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Autonomous System (AS) Numbers are used by various routing protocols. IANA allocates AS Numbers to Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). The RIRs further allocate or assign AS Numbers to network operators in line with RIR policies. The [five RIRs] are: - [AFRINIC] - [APNIC] - [ARIN] - [LACNIC] - [RIPE_NCC] AS Numbers can be obtained from the registry in your region.
Available Formats

Plain text

Registries included below

16-bit Autonomous System Numbers

Registration Procedure(s)
RIR request to the IANA or IETF Review. Allocated following the Global Policy published at [].
Available Formats

NumberDescriptionWHOISRDAPReferenceRegistration Date
1-6Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
7Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
8-27Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
28Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
29-136Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
137Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
138-172Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
173Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
174-223Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
224Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
225-247Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
248-251Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
252-260Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
261Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
262-277Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
278Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
279-285Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
286Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
287Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
288Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
289-293Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
294Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
295-374Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
375Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
376-377Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
378Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
379-512Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
513Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
514-516Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
517Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
518-527Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
528-529Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
530-539Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
540Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
541-543Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
544Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
545-552Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
553Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
554-558Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
559Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
560-564Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
565Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
566-579Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
580Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
581-589Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
590Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
591-592Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
593Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
594-668Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
669Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
670-675Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
676Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
677-678Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
679-680Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
681Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
682-694Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
695-697Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
698-708Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
709-710Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
711Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
712Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
713-718Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
719Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
720-759Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
760-761Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
762-763Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
764Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
765Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
766Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
767-773Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
774-783Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
784-785Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
786Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
787-788Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
789-790Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
791-1100Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1101-1200Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1201-1202Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1203Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1204Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1205Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1206-1212Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1213Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1214-1220Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1221Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
1222-1227Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1228-1232Assigned by AFRINICwhois.afrinic.net
1233Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
1234-1235Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1236Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1237Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
1238-1240Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1241Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1242-1247Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1248Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1249Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1250Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
1251Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
1252Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1253Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1254-1256Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1257Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1258-1266Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1267-1275Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1276-1278Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1279Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1280-1289Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1290Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1291Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1292Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
1293-1295Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1296Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
1297Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1298Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1299-1309Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1310-1317Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1318Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1319-1341Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1342Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1343-1351Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1352-1353Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1354-1546Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1547-1547Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1548-1652Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1653-1654Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1655-1657Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1658Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1659Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
1660-1662Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1663Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1664-1679Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1680Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1681-1703Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1704Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
1705-1706Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1707-1726Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1727-1728Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1729Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1730-1731Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1732Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1733-1737Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1738-1739Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1740Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1741Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1742-1747Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1748Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1749-1751Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1752Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1753Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1754-1756Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1757-1758Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1759Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1760-1763Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1764Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1765-1767Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1768-1769Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
1770-1771Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1772-1773Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1774Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1775Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1776Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1777-1779Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1780Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1781Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
1782-1796Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1797Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
1798-1830Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1831Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
1832Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1833Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1834Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1835-1837Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1838-1839Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1840Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
1841Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1842-1848Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1849-1850Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1851Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
1852Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1853-1854Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1855-1876Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1877-1901Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1902-1903Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1904-1915Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1916Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
1917-1920Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1921-1923Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1924-1925Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1926Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1927-1929Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1930Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1931-1934Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1935-1955Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1956-1959Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1960-1962Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1963-1966Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
1967Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
1968-2003Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2004Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2005-2011Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2012Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2013-2015Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2016-2017Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2018Assigned by AFRINICwhois.afrinic.net
2019-2025Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2026-2029Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2030-2035Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2036Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2037Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2038-2040Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2041Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2042Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2043Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2044Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2045Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2046Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2047Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2048Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2049Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2050-2056Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2057-2106Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2107-2136Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2137-2143Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2144Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2145Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2146Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
2147-2148Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2149-2173Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2174-2273Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2274-2276Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2277Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
2278-2377Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2378-2379Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2380Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2381-2384Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2385Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2386Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2387-2488Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2489-2493Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2494Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2495-2496Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2497-2528Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2529-2530Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2531-2536Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2537Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2538-2540Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2541Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2542-2545Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2546-2547Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2548Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2549Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
2550-2553Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2554Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2555-2560Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2561Assigned by AFRINICwhois.afrinic.net
2562Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2563Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2564-2568Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2569-2570Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2571-2577Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2578Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2579-2584Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2585-2614Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2615-2637Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2638Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
2639-2642Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2643Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2644-2646Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2647Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2648-2682Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2683Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2684-2696Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2697Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2698-2705Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2706Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2707Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2708Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
2709-2712Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2713Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2714Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2715-2716Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
2717-2738Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2739Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
2740-2755Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2756Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2757-2763Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2764Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2765Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2766Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2767-2771Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2772Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2773-2822Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2823Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2824-2829Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2830-2879Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2880-2894Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2895Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2896-2903Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2904Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
2905Assigned by AFRINICwhois.afrinic.net
2906Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2907Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2908-2914Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2915Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2916Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2917Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2918-2920Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2921Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
2922-2924Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
2925-2926Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
2927-3057Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3058Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
3059-3066Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3067-3068Assigned by AFRINICwhois.afrinic.net
3069-3082Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3083-3109Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
3110-3131Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3132Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
3133-3140Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3141Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
3142-3150Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3151Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
3152-3153Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3154-3207Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
3208Assigned by AFRINICwhois.afrinic.net
3209-3353Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
3354-3356Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3357Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3358-3362Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3363Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3364-3381Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3382Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3383-3390Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3391Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3392-3394Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3395Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3396-3411Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3412-3415Assigned by RIPE NCCwhois.ripe.net
3416-3448Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3449Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
3450Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3451-3453Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3454Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
3455-3459Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3460Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3461Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3462Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3463-3483Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3484Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
3485-3486Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3487Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
3488Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3489-3495Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3496Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
3497-3509Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3510Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3511-3547Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3548Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
3549Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3550Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3551Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
3552-3555Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3556Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
3557Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3558-3559Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3560-3582Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3583Assigned by APNICwhois.apnic.net
3584-3595Assigned by ARINwhois.arin.net
3596-3597Assigned by LACNICwhois.lacnic.net
  1. What is an Autonomous System (AS)?
  2. When should an AS be created?
  3. What is an Autonomous System Number (ASN)?
  4. What is the current APNIC policy for AS assignments?
  5. When is a Public AS Number required?
  6. Is my organization eligible for a Public AS Number?
  7. When can I use a Private AS Number?
  8. I plan to change my upstream providers. Can I take my AS Number with me?
  9. I obtained my AS Number from my partner (which is an LIR) and they are going out of business. What happens to my AS Number?
  10. The organization I work for is merging with another. Can my AS Number be transferred?

What is an Autonomous System (AS)?

An AS is a group of IP networks operated by one or more network operator(s) that has a single and clearly defined external routing policy.

Exterior routing protocols are used to exchange routing information between Autonomous Systems.

For more information, see RFC 1930.

When should an AS be created?

An AS needs to be created if a network connects to more than one AS with different routing policies.

Some common examples of Autonomous Systems are networks connected to two or more upstream service providers or exchange points and networks peering locally at exchange points.

What is an Autonomous System Number (ASN)?

A public AS has a globally unique number, an AS Number, associated with it. This number is used both in the exchange of exterior routing information (between neighboring Autonomous Systems) and as an identifier of the AS itself.

There are two types of AS Numbers:

  • Public AS Numbers
  • Private AS Numbers

What is the current APNIC policy for AS assignments?

On 1 Jan 2010, APNIC ceased to make any distinction between two-byte and four-byte when assigning AS Numbers.

For more information, see Policies for Autonomous System number management in the Asia Pacific region.

When is a Public AS Number required?

A Public AS Number is required only when an AS is exchanging routing information with other Autonomous Systems on the public Internet. That is, all routes originating from an AS is visible on the Internet.

Is my organization eligible for a Public AS Number?

Your organization is eligible for an AS Number assignment if:

  • it is currently multihomed, or
  • it holds previously-allocated provider independent address space and intends to multihome in the future.

An organization will also be eligible if it can demonstrate that it will meet the above criteria upon receiving an AS Number (or within a reasonably short time afterwards).

When can I use a Private AS Number?

A Private AS Number should be used if an AS is only required to communicate via Border Gateway Protocol with a single provider. As the routing policy between the AS and the provider will not be visible in the Internet, a Private AS Number can be used for this purpose.

IANA has reserved, for Private Use, a contiguous block of 1023 Autonomous System numbers from the “16-bit Autonomous System Numbers” registry, namely 64512 – 65534 inclusive.

IANA has also reserved, for Private Use, a contiguous block of 94,967,295 Autonomous System numbers from the “32-bit Autonomous System Numbers” registry, namely 4200000000 – 4294967294 inclusive.

I plan to change my upstream providers. Can I take my AS Number with me?

This depends on how you received that AS Number. If you got it directly from APNIC or an NIR, then it is portable and you can take it with you to whichever providers you choose (subject to the agreement you signed with APNIC or the NIR).

However, if you got your AS Number from a Local Internet Registry (LIR), you can only use it while you continue to receive connectivity from the LIR. That is, if you decide to no longer use the LIR as one of your upstream providers, then you have to return the AS Number. (Note: this condition only applies to AS Numbers assigned after 1 December 2002).

I obtained my AS Number from my partner (which is an LIR) and they are going out of business. What happens to my AS Number?

If the LIR from which you obtained an AS Number is about to cease trading, all AS Numbers assigned to them for use by their customers must be returned.

As one of their customers, you have two choices:

  • Return the AS Number to your provider. They will return it to APNIC (or the relevant NIR)
  • Contact your provider and advise them that you wish to take over custodianship of the AS Number. This will mean that you will be asked to sign an agreement with APNIC and pay the applicable membership or non-membership fees

The organization I work for is merging with another. Can my AS Number be transferred?

Yes, however the organization that is the current custodian of the AS Number will be asked to provide legal documentation of the transfer.

For more information, contact APNIC Helpdesk.

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