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New Belgium Case Study

...New Belgium Brewing (A) SWOT Analysis New Belgium Brewing is a relatively young brewery in Colorado. With our SWOT analysis, we intend to highlight the internal and external environments of the firm using analyses of the internal strengths and weaknesses that New Belgium possesses, while also highlighting the external opportunities and threats. We will also avoid the criticisms that the SWOT analysis faces, by giving the analysis serious consideration of the issues, and by diving deeper than a, “sterile academic exercise of classifying data and information”, as noted in the text (pg. 122). Strengths New Belgium Brewing has numerous aspects or traits that they do well as a company. Their most effective advertising comes from, “customers’ word of mouth” (text pg. 471). This is due to the fact that New Belgium Brewing does an exceptional job of building relationships with customers, then allowing customers to provide word of mouth advertising for the company. New Belgium has established, “environmental and ethical business practices (text pg. 472), along with community service programs (Tour De Fat, donations to pig farmers, and Best Damn Bike Tour) and donations. Through their business practices, programs, and an emphasis on the environment, New Belgium Brewing has allowed their reputation to be one of their strengths, and created a “very loyal following (text pg. 477). Customer and public relations, are certainly a strength for New Belgium Brewing, and certainly can......

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New Belgium Brewing (a): Social Responsibility as a Competitive Advantage Brief

...Marketing Strategic Name: Ching Jui Liao Due date: 10/16/2012 New Belgium Brewing (A): Social Responsibility as a Competitive advantage Brief Strengths 1. Strong brand name 2. Definite company core values and beliefs 3. NBB offers a variety of permanent and seasonal ales and pilsners. 4. Strong and stable sales force. 5. Employees enjoy their job because the company treats them very well 6. NBB’s social responsibilities give the company a competitive advantage because consumers want to believe in and feel good about the products they purchase. 7. NBB efforts to live up to its own high standards have paid off with numerous awards and a very loyal following. 8. NBB has made significant achievements in sustainability, particularly compared to other companies in the industry. Weaknesses 1. They growth very quickly and leads to many social problems, but not focus on the business of beer. 2. Limited distribution. 3. Intelligent green consumers are likely to investigate a company’s green claims , and they will undoubtedly find areas that need improving. 4. Doesn’t use tradition marketing to management and push their product. 5. Although NBB’s all electric power comes from renewable sources, the plant is still heated in part by using natural gas. Opportunities 1. New Belgium has remained focused on its core values of customer intimacy, sustainability, whimsy,......

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New Belgium Brewing Case Analysis

... Case Update and SWOT Research and update the case information as much as possible with current research, and then conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis for New Belgium Brewing. As of 2013, defined by the Brewers Association New Belgium Brewery is the 3rd largest craft brewery and the 8th largest overall.  Annual production of beer is less than 6 million barrels.  Currently New Belgium sells beer in 31 states and the District of Colombia.  In 2013 they began shipping to Alaska and Louisiana and Florida is soon to follow.  They have seen consistent growth year over year.  In 2006 NBB produced 437,000 barrels of beer.   In 2011 the company produced 713,000 barrels.  The company waste diversion efforts are paying off.  In 2011 94.38 the latest waste diversion is 94.38% diverted and 5.62% landfill as opposed to 88% diverted and 8.5% landfill in 2009.  Energy consumption is seeing a reduction each year.  Energy reduction has gone from 158MJ/hl in 2008 to 138MJ/hl in 2011.  This can be partially attributed to the November 2009 implementation of the largest private array of photovoltaic solar panels in Colorado.  The 870 panels mounted atop the bottling plant produce 200kW of power output helping to reduce power consumption from the grid.  In March of 2012 New Belgium Brewery launched it can line to tap into a new market.  In April of 2012 the  company chose Asheville North Carolina as the site for their East Coast Brewery.  In January of 2013 New Belgium Brewery became 100%......

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Case Study New Belgium Brewing

...New Belgium Brewing A paper submitted in partial fulfillment for the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Finance Table of Contents Page No. Introduction…………………………………………………….3 Environmental Issues…………………………………………..3, 4, 5 Strategic Philanthropy………………………………………….5, 6 Ethical and Social Responsible………………………………...6, 7, 8 Areas of Development………………………………………….8, 9 Conclusion………………………………………………………9, 10 Resources………………………………………………………. 11 Introduction: New Belgium Brewing Company started out with a simple bicycling through Belgium which also happens to be the home of some of the world’s finest ales. An American electrical engineer named Jeff Lebesch cruised around Belgium on in his fat-tired mountain bike pondering the thought whether or not he could produce the same high-quality beers back home in Colorado. Lebesch went back to his home in Colorado and started experimenting until his beers attained good recognition from some friends and so Lebesch decided to market them. New Belgium Brewing Company opened for business in 1991 as a small basement operation in Lesbesch’s home in Fort Collins but soon out grew that and now has its own custom-built facility. (Drever; Haiar, 2006) New Belgium started out as a small business with concrete core values and beliefs and as it grew bigger, it retained its business values. New Belgium’s most recognized characteristic is its image. New Belgium bases its......

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New Belgium Case Study

...New Belgium Brewery 1) What environmental issues does the New Belgium Brewing Company work to address? How has NBB take strategic approach to addressing these issues? Why do you think the company has taken such a strong stance toward sustainability? New Belgium Brewing Company strives to take an environment friendly approach to their manufacturing process and facility, focussing on reducing their carbon footprint and energy usage. They were the first-ever American brewery to fully incorporate a wind turbine as a power source versus the burning of coal. Other approaches included the addition of a steam condenser to recycle hot water for use around other areas of the plant and sun tubes which utilize natural sunlight to light the plant. Furthermore, their used hops and barley are saved for the use of feeding area livestock instead of being wasted. Employees are also encouraged to be individually conservative by riding their gifted “cruiser bikes” to and from work. It is our belief that the founder, Jeff Lebesch’s own personal values and love of the outdoors contributed to the company’s strong stance on sustainability. A long side that is the fact that adopting such sustainability measures will help to increase their bottom line. 2) Do you agree that New Belgium’s focus on social responsibility provides a key competitive advantage for the company? Why or why not? We believe that New Belgium’s emphasis on social responsibility provides a key......

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New Belgium Brewing

...Case 27: New Belgium Brewing 1) What are the ethical issues in this case? - Ethics is a commonly used term that refers to the ideas and issues of right, wrong, fairness and justice. In regards to business, the concept of ethics refers to the ideas and issues in the commercial industry. In the New Belgium Brewing case study, there are many ethical concepts displayed. A positive ethic in regards to doing right is the company’s mindset that profitability comes second and their commitment to providing a quality product and business for consumers. In addition, all the companies’ decisions are based on a strong set of core values and beliefs that have made them shine in society. Furthermore, New Belgium Brewing (NBB), is ethically sound because they have developed their business around being environmentally friendly. NBB has developed an industry leading process to minimize their environmental footprint from recycling, clean energy sources and cutting back on their CO2 emissions. This is a very ethically sound company and continues to be successful as they continue to grow. 2) What keeps other companies from having the commitment to environmental sustainability that NBB has evidenced? - One piece of evidence that NBB has observed that is keeping other companies in the industry from a commitment to environmental sustainability has to do with the recycling of glass bottles. NBB has attempted to develop an idea for a bill known as the “bottle bill” that would......

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New Belgium Brewing Company: Ethical and Environmental Responsibly

...New Belgium Brewing Company: Ethical and Environmental Responsibly Abstract Although it has since been disproved that Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy,” he is nonetheless given credit for this profound and true statement. New Belgium Brewing has been making people happy since 1991. Along the way they have managed to continuously and profoundly function in the world of profit in a sustainable way making them an outstanding corporate citizen. The core company values that were put in place since the inception of the company stand as a testimony in conjunction with the actions of the company as an exemplary model of sustainability and ethics. New Belgium Brewing New Belgium Brewing (NBB) was born as a commercially sold product in 1991 in the basement of Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan. They founded their company based on a set of core company values that promote ethics, ecology, and economics, the foundation of the new sustainable business paradigm. Since its inception, NBB has tackled many environmental issues strategically and as a responsible corporate citizen. The company has made it a part of their culture to save, to conserve, to preserve for posterity, and to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible in the creation of their product. The company’s focus on environmental issues is so amazing and atypical of the corporate world; it leaves one questioning “Why do they do it?” Are they doing this for......

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Case: New Belgium Brewing

...Case 4: New Belgium Brewing One of the Nation’s third-largest craft breweries, based out of Colorado, New Belgium Brewing Company, Inc. (the Company). The Company was founded in 1991, a privately held corporation. Its first operation started off in the basement of Jeff Lebesch (founder). The Company prides itself on its branding strategies “triple bottom line” and social responsibility which focuses on economic, social, and environmental factors. New Belgium’s marketing strategy links the Company’s viewpoint to the quality of its products. The Company continues to support the community, giving back & advocating positive change. However for continued success, New Belgium has to continually analysis its situation in the marketplace, identifying issues, and in-turn address their longevity through growth. The New Belgium Brewing Company faces increased competition from other craft breweries as it still remains behind Boston Beer Co. and Sierra Nevada, other craft breweries. In examining New Belgium’s distribution territories, there are still “open markets” which pose opportunities to the Company. This especially holds true as New Belgium tries to expand its operations, specifically in the Northeast. How can Belgium leverage its resources which requires longer distances? The Company strives for environment responsibilities which it has successfully built into the brand. What alternatives are out there to decrease the use of resources such as fossil fuels during......

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New Belgium Case

...Blodgett New Belgium Case 1) Rather than use focus groups to test its branding and messaging, New Belgium used insiders in the bike community and brewery friends who had a personal history and knowledge of the brand. Evaluate this decision. Should New Belgium have used the more traditional approach to ensure the widest possible input to its marketing strategy? Discuss. Jeff Lebesch came back to Colorado with the idea to produce high quality beer and began experimenting in the basement of his home, he never anticipated owning the seventh largest brewery in the nation with sales of over 700,000 barrels of beer per year. With this being said, I highly doubt that Jeff and his wife Kim had the financial stability allowing them to spend money to market a home brewed beer that could have potentially failed. Jeff may have faced a little biased reaction from brewery friends and insiders in the biking community who knew what the brand stood for, but in the long run the “word of mouth” method works to their benefit and saved them countless amount of money. Some might say that people who already know the business can only help elaborate it, where people who are unaware of the business can bring new ideas to the table, but I believe that Jeff and his wife executed their marketing strategy the best to their ability. 2) New Belgium’s focus on sustainability, whimsy, and fun is clearly rooted in its Colorado-based culture and the ethos of its founders and employees. As New Belgium’s......

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New Belgium

...New Belgium Brewing: Ethical and Environmental Responsibility1 Although most of the companies frequently cited as examples of ethical and socially responsible firms are large corporations, it is the social responsibility initiatives of small businesses that often have the greatest impact on local communities and neighborhoods. These businesses create jobs and provide goods and services for customers in smaller markets that larger corporations often are not interested in serving. Moreover, they also contribute money, resources, and volunteer time to local causes. Their owners often serve as community and neighborhood leaders, and many choose to apply their skills and some of the fruits of their success to tackling local problems and issues that benefit everyone in the community. Managers and employees become role models for ethical and socially responsible actions. One such small business is the New Belgium Brewing Company, Inc., based in Fort Collins, Colorado. History of the New Belgium Brewing Company The idea for the New Belgium Brewing Company began with a bicycling trip through Belgium. Belgium is arguably the home of some of the world’s finest ales, some of which have been brewed for centuries in that country’s monasteries. As Jeff Lebesch, an American electrical engineer, cruised around that country on his fat-tired mountain bike, he wondered if he could produce such high-quality beers back home in Colorado. After acquiring the special strain of yeast used to brew......

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New Belgium

...New Belgium’s focus is based on having fun and getting away from the ordinary. Doing whatever it is that makes the customer happy and drinking a New Belgium beer while doing whatever that is that makes them happy. “NBB has always remained committed to its initial mission of being fun, socially, and environmentally responsible company” (Ferrell and Hartline 2015 p. 367). I do not think that having fun being socially and environmentally responsible only applies to the people of Colorado. This type of behavior and attitude will translate to every part of the country. As long as New Belgium does not lose focus on the initial mission they should not have a hard time making the branding and messaging resonate with other parts of the country. The way people have fun and spend their time having fun might vary as the topography changes but the main mission hold true (Ferrell and Hartline 2015). Social media is a great way for New Belgium to get convey the message of the NBB mission. The use of social media to develop a community is associated with adult life satisfaction. Through the use of social media NBB can develop a real sense of personality associated with its products (Rossmann, Young, 2015). The use of social media to show the mission of NBB allows NBB communicate the brands values. Social media will allow the brand to create a following with the customers that share the values and mission of whimsy and fun. Creating an almost sense of ownership with the social......

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New Belgium Brewery Case

...When Jeff Lebesch and his wife, Kim Jordan , expanded from home beer brewing to commercial production in 1991, they envisioned two goals for their new company: they believed they could produce world-class beers and that they could do this while kindling social, environmental, and cultural change. By 2009 (Just 18 years later), their company, New Belgium Brewing Company (NBB) , had become the third largest craft brewey in the United States and the seventh largest producer in the overall Industry. The brewery also stood as a corporate leader in environmental sustainability, and provided a prime example of how a company could incorporate environmental concerns into everyday business decisions. However, as NBB entered the new decade, the company faced a number of challenges In reaching its environmental goals, many of which could not directly control.   History of NBB   Jeff was inspired to found NBB While on a 1989 bike ride through the Belgain countryside. During his trek, he perceived a lack of flavor in Amencan beers compared to those he was drinking in Europe. When he returned home to Colorado, he set out on a quest to Introduce American beer drinkers to the unique essence found in traditional Belgain brews, from the tart framboise, the light saison, and the truly one-of-a-kind trappist ales. Using his home brewing exrience, Jeff was able to develop a distinctive recipe for traditional Belgian amber ale. The ale, dubbed Fat Tire in commemoration to the inspirational......

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Case New Belgium Brewing (B)

...Case New Belgium Brewing (B) New Belgium Brewing: Developing a Brand Personality * Background NEW BELGIUM’S INITIAL MARKETING STRATEGY The idea for the New Belgium Brewing Company began with a bicycling trip through Belgium. Belgium is arguably the home of some of the world’s finest ales, some of which have been brewed for centuries in that country’s monasteries. As Jeff Lebesch, an American electrical engineer, cruised around that country on his fat-tired mountain bike, he wondered if he could produce such high-quality beers back home in Colorado. After acquiring the special strain of yeast used to brew Belgian-style ales, Lebesch returned home and began to experiment in his Colorado basement. When his beers earned thumbs up from friends, Lebesch decided to market them. The New Belgium Brewing Company opened for business in 1991 as a tiny basement operation in Lebesch home in Fort Collins. Lebesch wife, Kim Jordan, became the firm’s marketing director. New Belgium beers quickly developed a small but devoted customer base, first in Fort Collins and then throughout Colorado. The brewery soon outgrew the couple’s basement and moved into an old railroad depot before settling into its present custom-built facility in 1995. The company’s standard line has grown to include Sunshine Wheat, Blue Paddle Pilsner, Abbey Ale, Trippel Ale, 1554 Black Ale, and the original Fat Tire Amber Ale, still the firm’s bestseller. Today, New Belgium Brewing is America’s third......

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New Belgium Brewery a New Approach

...New Belgium Brewery | A new approach | | | GM591 Course Project GM591 Course Project TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION II. PROBLEM STATEMENT III. LITERATURE REVIEW IV. ANALYSIS V. SOLUTIONS VI. REFLECTION VII. REFERENCES I. The New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado was founded by Jeff Lebesch in 1989. The highly motivated entrepreneur started with a different yet simple concept; brew a better beer than anyone else. So Jeff went into the basement of his home and started working on several different brews, but specifically worked to perfect his two signature beers and the first mass produced products; Abbey and Fat Tire. It took just two years for the company to grow large enough that the basement was no longer sufficient and New Belgium moved into its first commercial brewing space and has continued to grow from there. The brewery has grown to the size that produced and sold over 580,000 barrels of beer in 2009 and expects to sell over 700,000 barrels in 2010 (JUICEBOX, 2010). The revenue generated by New Belgium has helped to make the brewery the 8th largest in the United States (JG Press, Inc, 2003). New Belgium beer is brewed exclusively at the Fort Collins location and is now available in 26 states from coast to coast (JUICEBOX, 2010). The company has grown from a dream in a man’s basement to currently utilizing over 200 employee owners and boasts sales of over 32 million dollars in 2009 (JUICEBOX, 2010).......

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Case Study: Belgium Brewery

...Case Study Analysis New Belgium Brewing Company is a regional brewery located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It opened in 1991 after Jeff Lebesch, the brewery's founder, took his home-brewing passion commercial. In 2009, it produced over 582,000 barrels of its various labels. As of 2010, it was the third-largest craft brewery and seventh-largest overall brewery in the United States. The brewery was founded by husband-and-wife (now divorced) team Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan in 1991 and emphasizes eco-friendly practices and employee ownership in its marketing materials. It is located in northeast Fort Collins near the Cache la Poudre River on the grounds of the former Great Western Sugar plant. In 2008, New Belgium Brewing Company was named the best place to work in America by Outside Magazine. This could be attributed to the brewery's efforts to ensure the " happiness of their employees. Once a month the brewery's Wellness Committee meets to discuss activities, such as bike tours, for employees to contribute in. New Belgium Brewery has made it a objective to be entirely wind-powered. Rather than directly using wind-generated power, the brewery elects to pay an increased rate for their electrical energy, which is supplied by the City of Fort Collins Utilities to ensure it comes from the cleanest source possible. About 10% of the brewery's power comes from methane gas created as a byproduct of their on-site water treatment plant. goal. In 2008, New Belgium Brewing Company was...

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Essay on New Belgium Brewing Case Study

1125 WordsMay 28th, 20115 Pages

New Belgium Brewing: Ethical and Environmental Responsibility


Belgium is home of the finest ales and have been known to brew for centuries. So when Jeff Lebesch, an electrical engineer from Fort Collins, Colorado took a bicycle trip through Belgium it made him realize there may be a market back home to sell Belgian-style ale. Jeff returned home with hopes to experiment and brew his own beer in his basement from the various ingredients he received on his trip. When his friends approved of the ales he started marketing them to the local town. He later opened New Belgium Brewing Company in 1991. His wife, Kim Jordan was the company’s marketing director. They named their first brew “Fat Tire Amber Ale” after Jeff’s…show more content…

Most important, the employees can earn stock, which gives them voice within the company to make pertinent decisions.
Environmental Stand The company has also reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 1800 metric tons a year by switching from coal power to a wind turbine, which was the first wind-powered brewery in the United States. They have also invested in a steam condenser that reuses the hot water that boils the parley and hops to continue making the next brew. Furthermore, they have sun tubes that provide natural daylight time lighting through the full year. They utilize a green design throughout their whole facility and have agreed to participate as of 2002 in U.S Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environment Design for Existing buildings pilot program. To even reduce air pollution, as an incentive, they provide employees a cruiser bike to encourage them to ride to work instead of driving.

The company strives through corporate giving, event sponsorship, and philanthropic involvement. It has donated more than $1.6 million to organizations in the communities where they do business. It maintains a bulletin board in each facility that post all community involvement activities, and proposals. Their sponsorships include Tour De fat, MS 150 Best Damn Bike Tour; Ride the Rockies Tour, which all donated proceeds to non-profit groups.
They have succeeded in being three time winners of Business Ethics magazines Business

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