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This book documents the stories of 15 mentors as well as the very personal journey of a former Clinton speechwriter, journalist, and author (The Accidental Asian, 1998). Two years in the researching and writing, this is a riveting analytical description of how great teachers made a difference and how they work their magic. The 15 stories are as disparate as American lives: Ivana Chubbuck, a Hollywood acting coach, who's instructed Halle Berry and Eriq LaSalle; eurhythmics teacher Bob Abramson, who helps students release their inner musician; and chef Alice Waters, of Berkeley's Chez Panisse, who gives to youngsters a real sense of what food and agriculture mean. The five common lessons that Liu extracts are, perhaps, not world shattering, but they do help define and refine what the best of mentors should be: one-on-one listeners, unblockers of barriers and negative self-images, interpreters of commingling relationships, designers of great cultures, and enablers of role switching, allowing students to experience teaching. The very worthwhile outcome of 24 months of thought and study. Barbara Jacobs
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A thanksgiving speech is known to be given on the special occasion of the holiday celebration. The American culture is highlighted by the amazing event of Thanksgiving, providing gratitude and honor for the people, who have contributed much to the personal or common goal accomplishment. There are several topics to be considered as central in the thanksgiving speech. These range from general gratitude for the surrounding goodness to honoring specific individuals or circumstances that have benefited you. It is also possible to provide a thanksgiving speech for the recognition of one’s or community success as well as effort. The main feature of such speech is the acknowledgement of the contribution of others.
I am honored to share this Thanksgiving meal with the people I love and care for most in this world. This is just another occasion for me to express my gratitude for everything that each of you has done in my life. I would not be who I am today without the care and passion for teaching me how to have a happy life, free of worries and complications. My dear parents, the contribution that you have done to shape my personality is immense and I cannot express how blessed I am for having you comfort and support me. You have been my role-models since little, inspiring me to do things beyond my potential, making me eager to accomplish the wildest dreams. I think we should each think about thanks needed to be given to parents, who spent countless hours caring for us when we were little and worrying for our well – being now as adults.

I am thankful to all of my friends, who are fantastic listeners and guiding lights in the darkness of doubt. I am absolutely honored to have each of you by my side, being able to share, support, criticize, laugh and share the experiences together. Friends play a very important role in life of each individual, but for me, you have done more than anyone could have dreamed of. The time spent together on the chosen activities made us rely on each other, showed the essence of friendship and love. I can proudly state that I have friends for a life-time, whom I will support with each opportunity I have, trusting and being thankful for each contribution into my life and happiness of my family. Thank you for being with me today and sharing yet another fantastic occasion in such friendly atmosphere.

There is also a huge need to think about the goodness in our lives and forget about the worries or troubles that each of us had in the past year. Let us think of the incredible moments of laughter, love, hope and joy, being grateful to each other and life for providing us with excitement and fun. Life is not always easy, taking each us by surprise in the most uncomfortable circumstances. However, we do need to value the positive moments and maintain thankful for the possibilities that are offered and memories shared with ones we care for and love. Thank you all!

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