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For majority of people their favorite places are in rows of shopping complexes, restaurants, book shops, etc. But my favourite place is the park area. The lovely air, lake, cool atmosphere, lovely milieu, awesome food, and relaxing environment there never quite fail to attract me.

Sweet and fresh air in park areas is simply remarkable. The enchanting smell of lovely flowers spread the atmosphere. In other places in Dhaka city, air is polluted in high rates by dust, coupled with smoke and fumes released from the vehicles. Clean and fresh air in the park is pleasing and unique. We can breathe clean air and our lungs feel fresher.

Lake is the one of the most wonderful things a park has to offer. The sparkling water ripples are irresistible. People often sit at the bank of the lakes and enjoy spending the time looking at the blue sky and water. The touch of nature present in the park is increased highly by the presence of lake. The charismatic nature of the lakes may dupe some men into jumping into it and drowning to their death!

The nice and cool environment is a matchless possession of the park area. The business(busy + ness = business) of the town will move to an end, whenever you will visit a park area.

Good food is an adding taste to a fun-filled visit to a park. Eating excellent food while sitting and viewing the calm scenario of the lake will create such an event that one will never forget.

Lastly, all the components of the park area make the place a peaceful and relaxing one. The natural scene and calmness of the lake will bring your heart peace and you will find it very best to enjoy and relax. Everything there makes us forget our works for a while and just makes us realize that we are children of the nature.

Altogether, I conclude that a park area is my favourite place where I enjoy.

Hi Soha..
I closely read your writing..
I will give you few suggestions. I hope that these can improve your ability.

Favourite places for majority of people are in rows of shopping complexes, restaurants, book shops, etc, b ut my favourite place is a park area.

... and relaxing environment which were there never quite fail to attract me.
Note: Before you mention, you do not use article "the" for general things.

Sweet and fresh air in park areas are simply remarkable. The enchanting smell of ...
In other places of Dhaka city, air is polluted ...
... fresh air in the park are pleasing and unique.
... air and our lungs which was felt fresher.
Note: You should be carefully to use Verb Agreement.

Lake is one of the most wonderful things which offer a park .

People often sit at a bank of the lake and enjoy spending time to look the blue sky and water. touch of nature present ...

My favorite place is the Eiffel Tower. I have been there twice, and now I want to do it once again. I think it is the best place in France. Everyone knows where this beautiful construction is. All people should go there to have an amazing view and unforgettable memories. In addition, you can walk around romantic city of love, like my parents, who spend their wonderful honeymoon in the capital of France. The Eiffel Tower is a great historical construction and a very romantic place. We know that Paris is the capital of France. On the one hand, it is economic city where the government of the country is, and the most important business center; on the other hand, Paris is the city with interesting history. We can see it now in the old extant antiquities, like Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and others belong to this wonderful city .The Eiffel Tower is the most known construction in the world; every child can answer you where it is if you ask him about it. Tower is not only the most beautiful and known antique, it’s the highest build in France it is 324 meters high. Absolutely, the Eiffel Tower is the ageless symbol of the independent country of France. Paris always can give you amazing memories for all your life. I can tell you with no doubt that it is true, because I know about all of it from my parents.

They spend their honeymoon in the city with glorious history and beautiful buildings. City atmosphere cannot leave you without romantic mood for all the time you spend in France. My parents booked the table in the Eiffel Tower restaurant, and it was wonderful evening for them. Amazing view struck them, memories from this day help them now, all the time when they have problems in our family they remind their lovely honeymoon. In conclusion, you can see the evidence that the Eiffel Tower is the national symbol of the country.

We see it on the all imagines which tell us about beautiful France. I think for everyone it is necessary to visit this amazing place twice, first time when you are young and second time when you are aged. It’s two different views of the Eiffel Tour and both of them are unforgettable.

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