Essay On My Aim To Become Scientist Costume

Fancy dress competitions or parties aren’t all about fun and entertainment. While it’s true that you want your child to have fun at the party, does it mean that you can’t make the whole affair educational too? It doesn’t. So, how do you go about making the whole exercise educational for your child? With professions fancy dress ideas, of course.

The best way to do this is to give your children the option to be someone from real life – someone based on their career ambition. While they may not have any career ambitions right now, you may actually end up making them think about it by throwing the following professions fancy dress ideas their way. Most of these fancy dress ideas are a lot of fun and quite easy to implement too!


The medical profession is respected everywhere in the world. After all, saving lives or even making their lives more comfortable is no mean task.

From the practical point of view, the profession of doctor is also very suitable. This is why parents wish for their children to become doctors when they grow up.

This is one of the primary reasons why the doctor fancy dress is recommended for most children within the category of professions fancy dress ideas. Besides, kids like to play doctor – doctor, so who are we to keep them from their dreams?

Here’s our guide on how to build doctor fancy dress at home.


You may think that this one doesn’t deserve to be in a list of professions fancy dress ideas and you would be right in one way. We see doctor as a real world ambition and princess is a fantasy world ambition. We know how young girls dream of being princesses of their own little kingdoms. However, this is a dream which won’t come true in the conventional sense of the word.

So, it’s our responsibility as parents to help our daughters get a peek of what it’s like by picking a good children’s princess fancy dress for them.

We don’t recommend making a princess fancy dress at home because doing so would be extremely difficult. This is why we suggest that you buy a princess costume online for your little girl.

There are many different types of girls’ princess fancy dresses available online for purchase. They vary in terms of prices, quality, and even colour. We’ve gone through all the available costumes and sorted them for you so that you don’t have to go through each one of them.

Wizard & Witch

You may feel the same way about this one being included in our list of professions fancy dress ideas as you did with princess fancy dress costumes.

However, magic has always appealed to children, which is why the Wizard or Witch is a good costume for your son and daughter.

These costumes are easy to create too. You just need a lot of fabric which will be turned into a baggy gown with arms.

You can build upon this basic premise with the help of a wand, sequins, cut-outs of moons and stars, and even a well picked spell.

How much you choose to adorn the basic gown is up to you and only the sky is your limit.

If you don’t even have this much time, then you always have the option of buying the Witch fancy dress Costume online. If you don’t want spend any money on your daughter’s fancy dress then you can follow our guide for making these costumes at home.

Here’s our guide on how to build witch and wizard fancy dress costumes at home.


With there being so many different space films around, it’s a wonder that parents don’t think of making their children astronauts.

An astronaut fancy dress is a very useful tool because it will not only make your child curious about space but also impart a sense of curiosity.

This is a quality that is crucial for all professions fancy dress ideas. More importantly, it is crucial to the personal and professional development of a child. Practically speaking, astronaut fancy dresses are also versatile because they can be worn by both boys and girls.

Its possible for you to buy an astronaut fancy dress costume online. At the same time, if you want to make this costume at home, we’ve created an astronaut fancy dress costume DIY guide for you to refer to.

Here’s our guide on how to build astronaut fancy dress costume at home.


In terms of a career choice, there’s a whole lot of difference between a doctor and a scientist. However, from the professions fancy dress idea point of view, you will find the doctor fancy dress to be quite similar to the scientist fancy dress.

The lab coat stays the same and only the accessories change. You could hand your child a beaker, a microscope, a petri dish, or even the helix genetic structure.

Scientist costumes aren’t available in the Indian market but lab coats can be found freely at any stationary shop or with school tailors. Because this costume is so similar to the doctor fancy dress, we have the same guide for both.

Here’s our guide on how to build scientist fancy dress costume at home.


A child sees his teacher every day. This close proximity often makes the child want to become a teacher when he or she grows up. This is why teacher is a very good professions fancy dress option in our eyes.

This is more common amongst girls and can be encouraged quite easily. This is why, when it comes to a fancy dress, teachers are commonly picked by young girls.

You can turn your little girl into a teacher quite simply by making her dress in a sari (suit is also possible) and handing her a stack of books and some fake glasses.

Other accessories like chalk can also be used. We have a complete guide on how to make these costumes for you to refer to.

Here’s our guide on how to build teacher fancy dress costume at home.


The idea of cops and robbers will always have the power to attract children. It’s common to see kids playing games like cops and robbers (pakdam pakdai) in parks, in corridors, and anywhere else with enough room to run around.

As a result, we believe that police is an excellent professions fancy dress idea. By choosing police fancy dress costumes for your child, you’ll play to what he likes while teaching him an important life lesson.

When your child dresses up as a policeman, he will learn to appreciate the importance of following the law.

Unfortunately, this costume is too complicated to be made at home but you can buy a police fancy dress costume online at affordable prices too.


The Indian Army is respected all over the country because it is our soldiers who protect the country from all external threats.

Dressing your kids in soldier fancy dresses will not only catch their fancy but also be a way for you honour the brave men who protect our borders. Besides, with this professions fancy dress idea, you may inspire patriotism in them.

Moreover, young boys like the idea of wars anyways so they’ll have fun too. Unfortunately, you can’t really make a soldier costume unless you go through the market looking for clothes with compatible camouflage patterns.

However, you can buy the soldier fancy dress costume online quite easily too.


If you want your son or daughter to understand who politicians are and what they do then the best way for you to do it would be to dress them up as politicians. Politicians may not appeal to you as a professions fancy dress idea but at the end of the day giving our children civic sense is also our responsibility which is why this option shouldn’t be discarded out of hand.

A politician fancy dress isn’t that difficult to make at home, so there shouldn’t be any need to buy it. In fact, making it at home is quite easy.

In the case of your boy, you can make him wear a simple white kurta pajama and combine it with a Netaji cap and the simple action of Namaste. You can also give him a vest (Indian bundi) to accentuate the effect.

In the case of your girl, you can dress her up in a white sari with a colour border. The cap is redundant here but the Namaste still works. Along with this, give her a conventional bun as hairstyle and a basic pair of slippers.


There’s something very alluring about pilots. Kids always imagine them as kings of the skies. Perhaps, kids like pilots because they’re free to go wherever they like and aren’t restricted by their parents? In either case, pilots make good professions fancy dress options.

Still, becoming a pilot is a good career aim so you shouldn’t discourage your kid from it.

In fact, you can encourage him towards it by getting him a pilot fancy dress costume for the upcoming fancy dress competition.

While you can always dress your child up as an Air Force airline pilot, it’s better to choose an commercial airline pilot fancy dress costume.

You can’t really make these costumes at home, which is why we recommend buying them online. Fortunately, you can easily buy a commercial airline or Air Force pilot fancy dress costumes online.

Indian Navy

While the Indian Navy may not be as popular with kids as the Indian Air Force, it is still an incredibly impressive costume for your child to wear at a fancy dress competition. This is why its inclusion in our list of professions fancy dress ideas was beyond debate!

The Navy uniform is all white but still has enough detailing to make it difficult to create at home, which is why our recommendation is to purchase it online.

Another reason why we don’t recommend making Indian navy fancy dress costumes at home is that finding all white coats and trousers along with hats can be very difficult. Luckily, you can buy Indian navy fancy dress costume online.


Lawyer is another one of those costumes that are fairly easy to make at home. The problem, however, is that very few kids want to be lawyers. Still, if your kid likes to debate and argue then you may be able to sell this professions fancy dress idea to him for the upcoming fancy dress contest.

The lawyer fancy dress costume is centred on a black robe which isn’t that unlike the robe of a wizard.The lawyer’s robe needs to be open at the front with a typical double rectangle necktie.

If you make your child hold a document with the preamble then his costume will become even better. There’s no real need to purchase a lawyer costume as it can be made quite easily at home.

Here’s our guide on how to make a lawyer fancy dress costume at home.

Santa Claus

Technically, this isn’t a professions fancy dress option but it will be a nice twist, wouldn’t it? The kindly man that kids revere the most is what your son or daughter becomes at the next competition.

The shock value is there and a kid dressed up as Santa Claus does look cute, especially if you make him do ‘HO! HO! HO!’

While you can buy a Santa Claus fancy dress costume on online website stores like Amazon, it may be possible and more affordable for you to make one at home. However, for this, you’ll have to follow our Santa Claus fancy dress DIY guide.

Here’s our guide on how to make Santa Claus fancy dress costume at home.


WWE is something that every young boy is obsessed with at one time or another. We don’t know why but we think it’s just something that appeals to them at a primal level.

Within this professions fancy dress category, there are many options open to you if you choose to make your kid a wrestler at the next costume competition.

You could go with a made up wrestler fancy dress costume by putting your child in tights and a vest with face paint or you can choose his famous wrestling personality.

Just imagine, a little undertaker enacting a pile driver on stage or the latest mini Sting with lightning crawling all over his face. We believe that’s what they call adorable, don’t you?


Ninja is one of the easiest professions fancy dress costumes to create at home. It’s also a role that appeals to kids a lot, especially boys.

Creating a ninja fancy dress costume is all about black!

You get black tights or fitting pants, black vest, shirt or jacket and combine them with a belt.

If you add other accessories like a shuriken, sword, katana, wrist band, or head band then your child’s costume becomes even more believable.

We have created a ninja fancy dress DIY guide to help you along. However, you can buy a high quality ninja fancy dress costume online too.

Here’s our guide on how to make ninja fancy dress costume at home.

Why Choose Professions Fancy Dress Ideas?

As you can see, there is merit in choosing a professions fancy dress idea for your kid. A professions fancy dress idea will not only make your child wonder about making a career in that profession but also help him empathise with others around him.

If none of these professions fancy dress ideas really appeal to you, we recommend using yourself as a role model for your child. You can use your own job as an inspiration for designing a professions fancy dress idea for your child.


How to Become a Scientist

If you are a student considering a career in science then this essay is for you; it gives a glimpse of what scientists do and how to become one.

"First passion, then training." — Edward O. Wilson in Letters to a Young Scientist

Becoming a scientist, or aspiring to be one, usually derives from a natural curiosity about the world around us. I assume that if you are reading this essay you have that curiosity, that passion to learn more (often learn more than what is known). Perhaps you would like to know if there are aliens? Or understand why people get sick and die (and how to avoid it)? Or dream of building faster cars? Whatever the reason, you should have that motivation to learn more about science and technology. This motivation and passion is vital because, as detailed below, becoming a scientist and doing science requires a lot of hard work and, while it can be fun and rewarding, the salaries of scientists don't match those of other highly-specialized professions.

Table 1: Typical steps in developing a research-focused academic career
PeriodUndergraduate studiesGraduate studies PostdocIndependent lab
Approximate duration~3 years4-6 yearsHighly variable but the average age of first faculty position is about 38 years.Until retirement
Main task(s)Go to classes, pass examsStudy field (may attend classes), develop original research project, write PhD thesisDevelop research projectWrite grants and papers, mentor students and postdocs, lecture
Key goalsObtain good grades, be involved in science to acquire experience and gain focusDevelop specialized skills, publish papersPublish papers, continue to develop skills and gain experienceSecure funding for lab and publish papers
Annual salary (as of 2012)None though scholarships/loans exist in some countriesHighly variable but often in $15,000-$30,000 range as a tax-free stipend$35,000-$50,000~$60,000 (early career) to >$150,000 (full professor)

Notes: Obviously the above values are ballpark estimates based primarily on data from the US and Europe. While they should apply to most countries, there are no doubt exceptions. Individual experiences also vary considerably depending on field of study (e.g., in medical research a PhD may not be necessary if one has a medical degree). Some researchers also spend time in industry, even if for a short period, before returning to academia. Typically, salaries in industry are higher but one has less independence to pursue one's interests.

Assuming you have the motivation and desire, how do you become a scientist? Good grades in school are important, no matter what stage you are in your education. Grades help you get to good schools, help you get to graduate school. While nobody will judge you solely by your grades (I certainly won't!), for students fresh out of university, grades and quality of education are often the most important information recruiters have to decide, say, who to interview for graduate school. The typical academic career is shown on Table 1 and involves getting a bachelor's degree and later a doctoral degree (and maybe a master's degree in between, though I normally don't recommend it as top students can often enter a doctoral program directly). At the early stages of your career, grades and alma mater are important and will open opportunities for you.

Related to academic performance, you should practice doing science. This can be on your own (as a kid I studied the ants in our house and wrote a report detailing my findings) or within a research lab. Often there are summer projects in research labs even for high school students and once in university this is something you should actively pursue. It will give you first-hand experience on what scientists do on a daily basis and, if you do well, it will help you establish a rapport with researchers who can provide letters of recommendation and help your career. Letters of recommendation are an essential component of applications to graduate school, jobs and even internships. Thus establishing connections with teachers and, preferably, researchers in the field you wish to pursue is essential from an early age. So do not be afraid to be involved in science and contact researchers in your area of interest--e.g., volunteer to help out in their lab. As a general advice, make no mistake that you will need to work hard. Even outside your formal education you need to gain experience and study your field of interest, and it takes hard work to become an expert. To make discoveries, to learn more than what is known, you need to know what is known.

If you are at an early stage of your career, you may not know exactly what you want to do or how. You may be interested in science in general or in a particular problem but are unsure how to tackle it. For example, you may want to help cure cancer, but how can you do it? Essentially, you need to learn more so you can specialize, so you can learn the techniques of your field of interest. Often there's more than one technique and more than one approach to tackle a scientific problem (aging is a good example). Strategic thinking is important and you should, for example, choose a field with potential and with the approaches that will allow you to explore that potential, yet there is often more than one road to success. The reality is that even experts are often unable to reach a consensus regarding which approach and which technique is more appropriate. Developing a career is about finding something you enjoy doing that you can get paid for (and that is neither illegal nor immoral!). So you need to explore your area and the different approaches until you find one (or often more than one) that fits you. Scientists often become very specialized (sometimes too specialized) since as you learn more you gain focus.

Related to the above, another doubt students often have is in choosing PhD supervisor. (Postdocs can sometimes have similar doubts yet normally to a lesser degree as they tend to be more familiar with the field and people working on it.) Again, you need to do your homework and learn more about your field, identify the key players and those doing work and using techniques that excite you. The best labs and more reputed universities will not necessary be the best. I passed on the opportunity to do my PhD in Cambridge and instead went to a little-known university in Namur, Belgium, because I found the approaches and scientific questions of the lab in Belgium were more exciting and adequate to my career goals (and I never regretted my decision). Likewise, the bigger, more established labs may be more competitive and interactions with the supervisor may be less frequent. There is of course a subjective element to choosing a lab to work in. One issue is that freedom to pursue one's ideas may be encouraged in some labs but not in others, though some people enjoy it while others prefer a more structured mentoring. One general advice if you are considering joining a lab for PhD or postdoc is to contact former lab members and ask their opinion.

To become a successful scientist you will need to write a lot (thesis, papers, grants). Since English is the language of science, you will need to write a lot in English. The basic element of scientific productivity are papers (see goals in Table 1). These are original pieces of research that advance our knowledge of a particular topic. A typical paper may report a particular experiment you did in which you also need to interpret your results and put them in context of what is known already. You will also need to apply for funding, maybe even early in your career (e.g., a studentship or fellowship). Briefly, a grant application involves describing a project and how it will advance our current knowledge and can vary from a single page to dozens of pages. You will also need to give oral presentations and lectures throughout your career. As such, developing communication skills (and English proficiency if it is not your first language) will be vital for your career. Because scientists are constantly looking for funding, an ability to sell yourself and your work is of paramount importance. Even in industry it is essential to get funds and attract investors. Therefore, you should develop your communication skills and attend workshops/courses if necessary.

Becoming a successful scientist with your own lab is difficult. There are many more PhD students than there are academic positions and the transition from postdoc to independent researcher is arguably the hardest one. Still, consider that it is your motivation and talent that will determine your success. Luck plays a role, of course, but in the end there will always be a place for talented, hard-working individuals in science. Importantly, given the extraordinary advances in recent decades in a range of areas (genomics in life sciences, nanotechnology, etc.), in most fields scientists are not just studying a particular process problem. We are no longer students of nature but instead architects of nature and of life. You too can play a role in shaping our world to become a better place.

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