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How does the character Crooks represent society in the 1930s?

The character Crooks represents society in the 1930s as he is the only black character on the ranch and represents the treatment of black people as a whole. During the 1930s there was a huge upsurge of racism against black people, they were treated as second class citizens and were marginalised.

In the novel Of Mice and Men the character Crooks is considered as a ‘nice fella’ but despite that he is casually referred to as a ‘nigger’ as in the 1930s racist language would be consider normal. He has been given ‘hell’ whenever The Boss is angry and is attack as christmas entertainment. He is also called ‘Crooks’ throughout the novel as he has damaged, crooked back and ‘stable buck’ because of his job. We are never actually told his real name which shows that he is consider as nothing on the ranch as black people were considered second class citizens.

Crooks has very little power and turns his vulnerability into a weapon against those weaker than him, like Lennie. He suggests that George, who acts like Lennie's protecter, might never come back which agitates Lennie. But Curly’s wife reminds Crooks of his hopeless situation ‘I can get you strung up on a tree so fast it ain’t even funny’ which he is remind of his inferior status and it revealed how dangerous it was to be a black man in the 1930s. If black people stood up for them self it would of been inflammatory which is why Crooks doesn't fight back. He also admits that black people don't have rights.

Crooks has experienced loneliness the longer than any other character and shows the effects that it can have on a person ‘a guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody’. His segregation from the rest of the ranch is shown as Candy tells us that he has been at the ranch ‘a long time’ but its the ‘first time I ever been in his room’. Crooks is rejected because of his skin colour ‘I ain’t wanted because I’m black’ and he isn't allowed in the bunkhouse. As in the 1930 black and white people were segregated. He has a separate place to live as the men thought that they can catch diseases off him. As he lonely he surrounds him see with personal possessions he was a ‘proud, aloof man. He kept his distance and demanded that others kept theirs.’ He felt isolated by the others on the ranch and demanded it himself as he wanted some rights. When Lennie enters Crooks’ room he tries to be angry but he cant help but to enjoy the company ‘he tried to conceal his pleasure with anger.’

Crooks is cynical of George and Lennie’s dream as he has never seen anyone achieve it ‘nobody ever gets no land.’ Although he still ask’s if their is room on the farm that George and Lennie are planning to get for him. What Crooks want most is a sense of belonging and to be treated equally like other men as he knows and wants his civil rights. He would like to enter the bunkhouse with the other men. He also want companionship as he is extremely lonely and desires company ‘guys don't come into a coloured mans room very much.’

Overall, I think Steinbeck has portrayed how black people were treated through Crooks very well as he a lonely and vulnerable character. He shows how black people were excluded from society, treated differently and had no rights. It’s impossible not to feel sorry for him because of all the things that he has been through and faced.

Crooks Analysis-of Mice And Me Essay

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Crooks Character Analysis

     In John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men, the character named Crooks was segregated from the other men because he is black. This caused him to be lonely. He was forced to sleep in a separate bunk than the others. Trapped in solitude all night long; he resorts to books as his only companion. Trying to portray himself as proud and aloof by his own will, but inside is happy to be around the other men. Crooks first tried to make Lennie leave his room but then he decided that Lennie would not understand and that he actually wanted someone to talk with. During his conversation with Lennie Crooks reveals his loneliness on the ranch. “I seen it over an’ over…show more content…

He needs someone, someone to talk with, a friend. After Lennie explains his dream to Crooks, he says he would work free. Later he decides that he does not want to face rejection. “I don’t wanna go to no place like that. I’d never wanna go to a place like that';
     Crooks is also a proud man, sometimes causing him to forget his lack of authority of the ranch. Crooks grew up on a farm owned by his father where he was respected as an equal to the white men. Now on this ranch on California he is discriminated against and segregated. His pride is shown when he defends Lennie against Curley’s wife, but when she lashed out at him, he knows he must back down or face the consequences. Those consequences would probably be being lynched. Inside he knows he is equal to every other man on the ranch, but if he expressed these thoughts he would probably be forced out of the farm, or even worse possibly. Crooks is a bright man. He knows his rights, but he also knows that being a black man in California his rights didn’t mean anything if he made a mistake and crossed his boundaries.

     A third characteristic of Crooks is intelligence. Crooks, unlike the other men, reads books. He grew up as a free man, an equal to the whites. While he is not a slave on the ranch, he certainly was not treated

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